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Latinos and Labor Program 3

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Latinos and Labor Program 3: Four Dollars a Day? No Way! Joining Hands Across Borders: (1992)

This program looks at how "Free Trade" agreements affect workers in Mexico and the United States, with a close up look at the Ford plant. ("Latinos and Labor Program 3”)

Showdown in Seattle Part 3: Occupied Seattle (1999)

The Steelworkers' rally/march is met with Police teargas when they venture too close to other protesters. Mary Reeves (National Lawyers Guild) and attorney Amy Kratz examine the legal issues posed by the Police abuse of civil liberties. A segment on Filipino Labor History with Dr. Carol Pagaduan (Araullo-BAYAN) and activist Liza Largoza-Maza Gabriela. A look at Indigenous issues and the WTO with Tom Gold Tooth (Indigenous Environmental Network), Ciprianna Jurapo (Center for Investigation and Worker Solidarity), and Carol Kalafatic (International Indian Treaty Council). A critical look at how the media has covered the protests. ("Showdown in Seattle Part 3: Occupied Seattle”)

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