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Questions for the Panelists

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Questions for the Panelists

  1. What has been the role of independent, grassroots media within the
movement for labor justice?

  2. Why is the labor movement shrinking and what’s been the cause of its demise?

  3. What role has Globalization played in the demise of the labor movement? Is it merely a restructuring of the world economy that will eventually balance out or will the situation keep getting worse for workers?

  4. What is needed for the labor movement to become strong again? More union members?

  5. What has been the traditional AFL-CIO stance towards America’s foreign policy and how has that changed in recent years?

  6. During the Great Depression, unions became strong and had millions of members. Why is it that now, while we are in a midst of a recession, the number of union members is dropping?

  7. What does the collapse of the labor movement reveal about the greater economic collapse we are experiencing, and vice versa?

  8. Is it still possible for labor unions to experience the kind of victory we see in Drawing the Line at Pittston or was that one of the last great achievements?

  9. The WTO protests seem to indicate that the labor movement was strong in 1999. Was this the case or was that just how it appeared? What has happened between then and now?

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