Katharina Hosner in 1526 and had 14 children

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Giovanni da Verrazzano lived in Tuscany, Italy. He died at age 43

in 1528 on the Island of Guadeloupe. Giovanni got married to

Katharina Hosner in 1526 and had 14 children.

He was born in Val di Greve, near Florence Italy in 1485.

He was born in his parent’s castle. Giovanni’s parents’

Names were Alessandro and Famella Cappella.

Giovanni was known for discovering The New York Harbor,

Block Island and Narragansett Bay. He also was the first

European to enter the New York Bay. He took 3 voyages.

The people that survived after his death were his kids and his

Brother, Giolamo. The memorial service will be held at Jamison

At 6:30p.m. Send flowers for the service.

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