Junior marshals

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Congratulations to the following students who are designated Junior Marshals for 2014.

Junior Marshals are selected on the basis of class rank. The number of Junior Marshals may vary from 3 to 5 percent of the junior class based on the junior class enrollment at the end of the 4th month of school.

We have chosen to use 5 percent so that more outstanding academic students might be recognized.
Kathryn Lynn Watkins

Mckenzie Kathleen Jones

Leah Gray Hinshaw

Bethany Leigh Brake

Megan Rae Cruz

Mary Frances Starnes

Caroline Elizabeth Hazelbaker

Julia Katherine Skinner

Susan Mae Toalson

Jessica Pearl Ward

Allison Rose Warnimont

Sarah Elizabeth Summer

Blake Andrew Davis

Ulises Gutierrez

Sarah Lynne Nagy

James Parker Cecil

Logan Montgomery Hudson

Lauren Grace Miller

Kacey Dale Rigsby


Lillie Elizabeth Buschmann

Cassidy Teresa Chmura

Andrew Thomas Freeman

Elisabeth Kelly Vining

Vernon Steve Espinoza Valenzuela

Matthew Min Yoo Kim

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