Julius Caesar: Quiz

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act1 test
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PART 1: Basic Comprehension
Act I, Scene i

  1. How does the use of pun drive the introduction of the play?

    1. It doesn’t. The mention of Julius Caesar drives the introduction to the play.

    2. The pun makes the audience realize that the use of literary device is important for classic literature. They soon realize the play should be printed.

    3. “Pun” is a reference to a spoken metaphor. The spoken metaphors in the introduction are exciting and unpredictable.

    4. Shakespeare opens the play with humor. The quick-wit quickly capture’s the attention of all of the audience members, regardless of their wealth.

    5. I don’t know what a pun is.

  1. Why is the cobbler an important character?

    1. The cobber is not an important role. The audience—especially the wealthy, would not have paid any attention to him.

    2. The wealthy would have enjoyed the joke on the poor; the poor would have enjoyed the quick-witted intellect of the cobbler.

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