Judgment Day

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The Nuremberg Trials:

Judgment Day

After Germany had surrendered, captured Nazis were put on trial in the city of Nuremberg.

Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, SS chief Heinrich Himmler, and Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels had all escaped trial by committing suicide.
It is your job to look at the charges and give the appropriate punishment for the Nazis who were captured: Choices: Death Penalty (hanging), Life in Prison, or a certain number of years in prison. Next, put a reason as to why you gave the defendant that sentence.
Defendant #1: Hermann Goring

Reason for sentence:

Position: Commander of the German Airforce, President of German Parliament

Charges: Killing of citizens in countries that Germany invaded, allegedly helped plan final solution, started Reichstag Fire.

Verdict: Guilty
Defendant #2: Rudolf Hess

Reason for sentence:

Position: Deputy Fuhrer (second in command to Hitler)

Charges: Killing of citizens in countries that Germany invaded, direct planning of final solution (Note: Flew to Scotland in 1941 to seek a peace agreement with the Allies, crashed his plane and was held prisoner by British the rest of the war.)

Verdict: Guilty
Sentence: ________________________________________
Defendant #3: Karl Donitz

Reason for Sentence:

Position: Commander of all U-Boats, President of Germany after Hitler’s death

Charges: Illegally restarting German U-Boat Campaign, sinking ships

Verdict: Guilty

Sentence: _______________________________

Defendant #4: Hans Frank

Reason for sentence:

Position: German ruler of Poland

Charges: Slaughter of Jews and others in Polish Concentration Camps

Verdict: Guilty
Sentence: __________________________________

Defendant #5: Wilhelm Frick

Reason for sentence:

Position: Minister of the Interior

Charges: Wrote the Nuremberg Laws

Verdict: Guilty

Sentence: ___________________________________

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