Judging by the Book: Christian Codices and Late Antique Legal Culture

(2) Christian Gospels – Judging by the Book

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(2) Christian Gospels – Judging by the Book
For purposes of current discussion, summary and review to focus on former part, addressing following principal issues:
“Authorship” (sponsorship) of Christian law book

Meaning of the book within the context of the culture of book production

Use and impact of book on Late Antique legal culture

Emerging “definition” of Christian law book

Emphasis on codices of Gospel books

Applicability of uses of such books to other instances
INTRODUCTION In 533, Justinian declared: “…the Christian God authored a new book, a book of law”, known today as the Digest or Pandects, the “divine authorship” of which was stated in the imperial constitution Constitutio Tanta

As discussed previously, Constitution promulgated authority of the Digest (the second of new authoritative law books), making up tripartite “body of civil law” (Corpus Iuris Civilis)

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