Judaism The Big Idea

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Notes: Lesson 1- The Early Hebrews Name _________________________

Period _______


The Big Idea

Originally desert nomads, the Hebrews established a great kingdom called _________.

Main Ideas

  • ___________ and __________ led the ______________ to Canaan and to a new religion.

  • Strong kings united the ______________ to fight off invaders.

  • Invaders ____________ and _________ the _____________ after their kingdom broke apart.

  • Some ___________ in Hebrew society made _________________________to their history.

Lesson 1- The Early Hebrews

Main Idea 1: Abraham and Moses led the Hebrews to Canaan and to a new religion.

  • Accounts of the Hebrews describe the Hebrews’ early history and the laws of ________________, the Hebrew religion.

  • The Hebrew Bible traces the Hebrews back to _______________, who was told by God to settle in _______________________.

  • After a famine struck ______________, the Hebrews ended up in _____________ and lived well, causing the pharaoh concern.

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