Judaism history

Branches of Contemporary Judaism

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Branches of Contemporary Judaism

  1. Orthodox

Laws are absolute, unchanging

Hasidim: live separately, dress differently

10% American Jews

  1. Reform

Laws are guidelines. One may choose to follow or not

Torah is not necessarily from God

Value the ethics of Judaism

35% of American Jews

  1. Conservative

Arose out of the tension—varieties of expressions

Laws change and evolve

Torah is from God but has human element

25% of American Jews


  1. One way of summarizing Judaism

Rambam’s 13 principles:

God exists

God is one, unique

God is incorporeal

God is eternal

Prayer is directed to God

Prophets are true

Moses is the greatest prophet

The Torah and Oral Torah (Talmud) are authoritative

613 mitzvot (laws)

There will be no other Torah

God knows man’s thoughts and deeds

God will reward the good and punish the wicked

Messiah will come

The dead will be resurrected

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