Judaism history

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  1. Historical sketch up to New Testament times

Judaism may date back as far as 3500 BC

Abraham, Patriarchs

Slavery in Egypt, deliverance and exodus, Law given at Sinai, wilderness wandering

Conquest of the Promised Land, tribal confederation (judges)

Kingdom, Divided Kingdom

Fall of northern Kingdom to Assyria, fall of southern kingdom to Babylon

Return from exile, Medo-Persian rule,

“Interbiblical period”:

Greek occupation, wars of the Maccabees, coming of the Romans

  1. History of the Jews in terms of Persecution

  1. Rise of Islam in early 7th century

Reduced influence of Jews in Middle East

Sporadic persecutions

  1. Catholic views

  1. Aquinas (1127-1274) called them “carnal-minded, stiff-necked, cruel”

  2. At the Fourth Lateran Council (1215),

Jews were required to wear badges; criticized for “blood rituals and having attributes of the devil…”

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