Jpri occasional Paper No. 22 (August 2001) Japanese "Capitalism" Revisited by Chalmers Johnson plan-rational and market-rational economies capitalist developmental state capitalist regulatory state

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Vogel on Germany and Japan
King, Desmond, & Wood, Stewart. (1999). The political economy of neoliberalism: Britain and the United States in the 1980s. In Herbert Kitschelt, Peter Lange, Gary Marks, & John Stephens (Eds.), Continuity and change in contemporary capitalism (pp. 371-397). Cam- bridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

This article examines the potential for convergence in forms of capitalism. Many in the US have asserted that all capitalist nations must eventually look alike – specifically that they must all operate on the liberal market model of the US. The focus of the article is on the domestic political arrangements that support the forms of political economy for a nation.

Much of the pressure for change comes from leaders in politics and industry in both nations, with calls for increasing competition and reducing protection:
open labor markets, liberalize finance, reform corporate governance, deregulate industry, cut welfare spending, and restructure taxation.
What is Vogel’s thesis? How does his argument explain why Germany and Japan have not adopted these reforms?
How do Vogel’s ideas about politics and political economy compare with those you might hear on TV or the radio? Do they seem similar or different?

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