Journey into Awareness Part 1

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Journey into Awareness Part 1

Awareness is the foundation of knowledge, the first step toward attaining and using wisdom gained from experience. It is the knowledge of facts, of events and context, of the self. Without awareness, life is a collection of random events and we are driven by impulses rather than deliberate, informed choices. High levels of awareness increase consciousness and improve the quality of our being, of the act of living. To be fully aware is to know the self, the context the self exists within and to have knowledge and acceptance of the present moment.

Awareness is independent of judgment. Before the mind perceives and labels, it is aware. The knowledge gained from awareness is the raw material for the mind. Once information is gathered, we can then exercise our will to make choices about what we know and how we will use that information. Emotional judgment doesn’t have its source in conscious awareness. Emotions are unconscious. Unconsciousness is a danger to you and others, to the entire world as we know it. Unconsciousness sabotages your ability to exert your will. Awareness without judgment leaves room for open interpretation and informed decisions. It opens the door to acceptance and allows you to escape useless and damaging cycles of emotional response.

To grow in awareness, we constantly seek knowledge and information about ourselves and the world around us. Self-reflection and conscious effort to look within and observe the state of our inner selves increases self-awareness. With self-awareness, we are deliberate in the action of self-improvement and can guide the process. Awareness that “I am” is awareness of one’s essential identity free from the mind’s construction and externally derived concepts of the self.

Before we can transform and create our world, we must be aware of the current state of things .Without a starting point, change is erratic and the results of our choices are unpredictable and sporadic. By taking the time to be aware without judgment, we can move toward acceptance of what is. After we accept knowledge, we pick and choose what information is useful and beneficial to the process of moving forward.

Patience and stillness are key elements of becoming aware. The present moment, which so often escapes us and is clouded by the mind’s jumping back and forth from the past to the future, is the bed of awareness. To be present is to be fully aware of what is. Now is what is. The present moment is the only true reality. There is what you presently perceive, what you presently know, what you presently see and feel, what you presently need, what you presently desire and what you presently choose. Everything that’s real is right now. If you can inhabit this moment without judging it, you naturally regain control of your life and transcend the illusion of time which traps us in cycles of delusion. Make decisions and choices from the state of current awareness, not from the mind’s perception of the past and future.

Simple observation can equip you with objective knowledge of what is. Stay present and don’t get lost in the mind’s tendency to assume and form incomplete judgments. Value different perspectives as the opportunity to become more fully aware.

These are the tasks to inhabit the dimension of awareness:

  • Expand your knowledge of the world and seek understanding. Value experience and respect worldviews. Build up raw material for informed judgment later

  • Do not judge information, acknowledge and accept it, then use it.

  • Engage in objective, honest self-evaluation and reflection to increase self-awareness. Increase of knowledge of emotions, thoughts and thinking patterns and more.

  • Stay present and alert

  • Know the spirit and the power of unseen forces

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