Journey Back in Time to Ancient Rome!

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Journey Back in Time to Ancient Rome!

Imagine that you could use a time machine to journey back in time to an ancient land with a new lifestyle, clothes, government, and even toys! What if people used chariots instead of cars or went to school before sunrise? Would you feel excited and/or afraid in this different time and country?
During this WebQuest you will use the Internet to explore Ancient Rome and learn about their daily life.

The Task

Your group will be creating a visual about your trip back in time to Ancient Rome to share with the whole class. You will explore websites from all over the world about Ancient Rome. Because these are real websites, not things made just for schools, the reading level might challenge you. Feel free to use a dictionary to look up any words you don't know.

You will want to take notes during the journey back in time to Ancient Rome. Once that task is completed, you will want to think about how your group will display and share this information.

Something for Everyone

Use the Internet information linked below to gather some basic facts about Ancient Rome.


Read this section about Ancient Rome and think about some similarities and differences between your life and the lives of the Ancient Romans.

  • Rome: A New Power Rises - Read this page to learn some basic facts about Ancient Rome.

Family / Children - Schools / Pets / Toys

Ancient Romans spoke Latin, and 'parvulus' was their word for 'child'. Explore your sites to find out more about schools, toys, etc. and learn about the life of a Roman child. Answer the following questions:

  • What was the main goal of education in ancient Rome?

  • What did the Roman students use to do their math problems?

  • Did the kids of poor families go to school? Why or why not?

Ancient Romans liked to play games, just like you do!

  • How did the games in Ancient Rome compare with some games that you play today?

  • How did play time for poor families differ from wealthy families?

  • Do you play with the same animals that the Ancient Romans did?

The Romans: Families and Children

Read this site to learn about education in ancient Rome.

  • As a Roman child, would you prefer to be a boy or a girl? Why?

  • What were Roman primary (elementary) schools called? What subjects did the boys learn in primary school? Are these subjects that you learn about in your school?

Homes / Leisure Time / Food / Clothing

Learn about their family life, houses, education, weddings, and other important days:

  • Would you like to live in the houses of Ancient Rome? Why or why not?

  • What are some differences between the Roman lifestyle and today's lifestyle? How is your school different from or similar to the children's education that is discussed here?

  • Read the section about how Romans spent their leisure time. Do you notice any differences between how Romans spent their free time and how you spend yours? Do you approve of how they spent their free time?

The Romans: Leisure – In this website you will find the answers to these questions:

  • What are some of the things Romans did for fun?

  • What did Romans see when they went to the Ampitheater?

  • What are some things that are the same between Ancient Rome and our lives today? What are some things that are different?

The Roman baths were an important part of the lifestyle of the Ancient Romans. As you learn about these baths, remember to write your answers to the following questions on your tablet so you will be able to share with your team members later.

  • What did the Romans do at the baths?

  • Do we have a place like the Roman baths for people to enjoy today?

  • What is the largest Roman bath? How big is it?

Geography of Rome

As a historian that studies Rome, one of the most important parts of your role is to know where in the world Rome is located. Find a map to locate Rome and learn more about the geographic features (land).

  • Where is Rome located?

  • Where did most Romans live?

  • What is a forum?

 Final Step – Finished Product

You have learned about a part of the Daily Life in Ancient Rome. Your Daily Life Topic is .

You are now ready to work with your group to create a visual (final product). You will bring a certain viewpoint to the project. Use information, pictures, facts, opinions, etc. from the websites you explored to help you complete the finished product your team will be sharing with the class. You may design it any way you wish! It is important to include comparisons between Ancient Rome and today's lifestyles.

**** Product Ideas – Collage, Chart / Poster, Flipbook, Diagram, Story, Booklet, Newspaper.

See me with any other product ideas.



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