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«s%20 in%0SAS%20investigation> So, web site name. Article title. Full date of accessing the site. Full URL. Bylines:

Supply your everyday title for use at the beginning of the title, so: Lieutenant Commander Bill Crabbe, or Jack Aubrey, or Reverend James

Moodie. At the end of the article, please supply full honours - Lieutenant Commander Bill Crabbe, CSC, RAN - unless you would prefer not to use them. Then please supply a paragraph on yourself, to a maximum of 50 words, including any qualifications you would like listed, and any interesting biographical aspects. If possible please supply a colour or greyscale head and shoulders e-photo of yourself for use alongside the article title. Illustrations:

Do not embed graphs or figures in your text without sending a separate file as well. If supplying photographs use a minimum of 300 dpi. We are keen on colour images but will use greyscale if necessary. We are able to scan prints if necessary, but request a self-addressed stamped envelope for return - please insure adequately if necessary. Forwarding your article: Please send to the Editor on Editorial considerations: The Editor reserves the right to amend articles where necessary for the purposes of grammar correction, and to delete tables or figures for space considerations.

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Saab Systems' state of the art technology is making informed decisions enabling you to constantly evolve to meet changing needs and challenges.

Journal of the Australian Naval Institute

Issue 131


ANI On-line: A guide to the new website.

Ournewwebsiteisnowon-linellnadditiontothefeatufesavailableonthe previoussite,thenewsitealsofeaturesalibraryofpastjournals,adiscussion forum, a news section andmemberlist. This shortguide isdesignedtohelp youtakefulladvantageofmenewfeatures.

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Figure 1 Obtaining an account

In order to access the new features of the site you must have a user account for the website. If you have a current subscription to the ANI, navigate to the website using your web browser (figure 1), click the "Members Login" menu item (figure 2), then click the link to download an application form. Fill in the form, then fax or post it to the ANI Business Manager. Once your account has been created, you will receive an email that outlines your member ID and password.

roemb.ii ID uumimt




Mmfttn L: in

Figure 3


Logging in to your account

Once you have your account details, you are ready to login and access the new features of the site. In order to login, navigate to the website (figure 1) and click the "Members Login" item (figure 2). Enter your member ID and password as they were provided to you, then click the "Login" button. The case of the member ID and password are important: i.e. "CaSe" and "case" are considered entirely different words by the authentication system. Each letter of the password will appear as a single "*" to prevent others from seeing your password as you type. If you have entered your details correctly, you will be presented with the news page. The grey status bar at the top notifies you of the account you are using (figure 4). You are now able to access all of the new features of the site.

Hjjgjjt! Figured

Logging out of your account

In order to protect your identity and to prevent malicious use of your account by others, you must log out of the site when you are finished browsing. This is especially important on public computers. In order to log out, click the "Logout" link in the grey status bar (figure 4).

Changing your details

When your account is created, only your member ID and password are stored in the system for privacy reasons. However, you may provide other details that are visible to other ANI members. In order to change your details, login and click the "Change Your Details" menu item (figure 5). Then select the "change" link (figure 6) next to either your personal details or password. Change the text appropriately and click the "save" button (figure 7).

The personal information that you provide will be visible to other members of the ANI but will be hidden from members of the general public. You may provide as much or as little detail as you wish but none of the fields are compulsory. However, you may not change your member ID as it is the link between the on-line database and our off­line records.

Journal Database

Chang* Yew Pmannd: war


6rJ.i r,v» ^——«"i-„

Contact Ui

Figure! Figures

Participating in the forum

In order to post topics and replies in the discussion forum, first login and click the "Forum" menu item (figure 8). Then select a forum that you would like to view by clicking its "View Topics" button (figure 9). Select a topic that you would like to read by clicking its "View this topic" link (figure 10). If you are not interested in any particular topic, you may add your own by clicking the "Add New Topic" button (figure 10). Similarly, once you are viewing a topic, you may post a reply by clicking "Add New PosE! Fill in the heading and body of your reply and click the "Subrnfr" button to add your reply to the topic. If you change your mind while writing your reply, you may click the "Cancel" button and your reply will not be added to the topic.


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IMI Chmoed: 2008-03-22 18 3S08

Huiribri uf Topic* in Fwunu 1


This is .< fanmr fof dheutwvfl -A various topic* Thsn i intu any nlhsi categories

Figure 9

Topics:: HMMl'lml.J.


I Wehsite Comment*

Figure 10


Contact Us

Changs roui Details Member Search




Figure 6



Further questions

If you have specific questions regarding website features or even a feature request, post a topic in the "Website Questions" forum and a site administrator will reply. Otherwise, happy browsing!

Journal of the Australian Naval Institute


Australian Naval Institute

The Australian Naval Institute was formed as a self-supporting and non-profit making organisation; incorporated in the Australian Capital Territory in 1975. The main objectives of the Institute are:

. to encourage and promote the advancement ofknowledge related to the Navy and the maritime profession; and

' to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas concerning subjects related to the Navy and the maritime profession. Membership subscription rates are located on the next page. Further information can be obtained from the: Business Manager, Australian Naval Institute, PO Box 29, Red Hill ACT 2603, ph +612 62950056, fax +612 62953367, email: or via the website at


The Australian Naval Institute is grateful for the continued support of: Booz Allen Hamilton, Austal, Raytheon Australia, LOPAC, SAAB Systems Australia, KBR, Australian Defence Credit Union, Thales Underwater Systems, P&O Maritime Services, ATI and Jacobs Sverdrup.


Chief of Navy: VADM Russ Crane AM CSM RAN

Council Members

President: RADM Davyd Thomas AM CSC RAN Vice President: CDRE Ray Griggs CSC RAN Secretary: LCDR Kirk Hayden RAN Treasurer: Mr Richard Jones Councillor: CDRE Steve Gilmore AM CSC RAN Councillor: CAPT Martin Brooker CSC RAN Councilor: CAPT Jaimie Hatcher RAN Councilor: CMDR Ian Campbell RAN Councilor: CMDR Paul Hornsby RAN Councilor: MIDN Jeremy Baumgarten RAN Councilor: MIDN Melissa Clarke RAN Councilor: MIDN Nikola Johnson RAN Website Manager: Mr Ernst Power (non membership position) Public Officer: CAPT Peter Murray RAN (non membership position)

Journal of the Australian Naval Institute

Headmark is published quarterly. The Editorial Board seeks letters and articles on naval or maritime issues. Articles concerning operations or administration/policy are of particular interest but papers on any relevant topic will be considered. As much of the RANs operational and administrative history is poorly recorded, the recollections of

members (and others) on these topics are keenly sought.

Views and opinions expressed in Headmark are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Institute, the Royal Australian Navy, the Australian Defence Organisation, or the institutions the authors may represent

The AM does not warrant guarantee or make any representations as to the content of the information contained within Headmark, and will not be liable in any way for any claims resulting from use or reliance on it

Articles and information in Headmark are the copyright of the Australian Naval Institute, unless otherwise stated. All material in Headmark is protected by Australian copyright law and by applicable law in other jurisdictions.

A CDROM of the Journal of the Australian Naval Institute covering the period 1975-2003 is available for $99; see the next page for ordering information.

Pen Names. Contributors can publish under a pen name. The Editor must be advised either in person or in writing of the identity of the individual that wishes to use the pen name. The Editor will confirm in writing to the member seeking to use a pen name that the name has been registered and can be used. More details are available on the Institute's website.

Article submission. Articles and correspondence should be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word, with limited formatting. (See the style guide in this issue for further details.)

Articles should ideally range in size from 3000-7000 words, but smaller articles will be considered, as will the occasional larger piece of work. Submissions should be sent to the Editor in the first instance. Email: and mark attention Editorial Board.

Articles of greater length can

submitted to the Sea Power Centre-Australia for possible publication as a Working Paper (seapower.centre@

Editorial Board

The Board is largely drawn from the ANI Council but key roles are undertaken by the following members: Chairman: RADM Davyd Thomas Editor: Dr Tom Lewis Strategy: CDRE Steve Gilmore History Section: Dr David Stevens Shiphandling Corner: CMDR Mai Wise OAM Book Reviews: Dr John Reeve


As a self-funding organisation the Institute relies on membership subscriptions and sponsorship to maintain its activities. Financial donations and/or bequests are welcome and will assist the ANI in undertaking its activities.

Sea Power Centre-Australia Research Collection

The Sea Power Centre-Australia research collection incorporates the ANI library, to which members have access. The research collection is normally available for use 0900-1630 each weekday, but it is not possible to borrow the books. Members are requested to ring the SPC to confirm access, particularly if visiting from outside Canberra.

The AM/Sea Power Centre-Australia will gladly accept book donations on naval and maritime matters (where they will either be added to the collection or traded for difficult to obtain books). The point of contact for access to the collection, or to make arrangements for book/journal donations, is the SPC-A Information Manager on (02) 61276512, email:

Journal of the Australian Naval Institute

Issue 131


The Australian Naval Institute

ABN: 45 988 480 239

PO Box 29 Red Hill ACT 2603, AUSTRALIA

PHONE: +61 2 6295 0056 FAX: +612 6295 3367 EMAIL:

Membership/Subscription Rates

Apittoliijai Nwdl tmAnte


Australia/New Zealand* Asia Pacific Region1 Rest of World1


Australia/New Zealand*


Rest of World1


2 Tears

3 Tears



















Individual Concession iYear 2 Years 3 Years

Australia/New Zealand* $40 $77.50 $112.50

Asia Pacific Region1 $55 $107.50 $157.50

Rest of World1 $62 $121.50 $178.50

* Please note that no GST is payable in relation to ANI membership r Includes air mail postage

Journal of the Australian Naval Institute on CDROM

The Australian Naval Institute is pleased to announce that a complete set ofThe Journal (1975-2003) is now available on a 2 disc CD ROM for! Sets can be ordered using the membership application form below.

Membership of the Australian Naval Institute

I apply for membership of the ANI in the category of Student / Individual / Institutional (select/circle one).



Post Code:




Website Username Preferences: 1.

(Please use only characters (a-z)or numbers (0-9). Usernames are case sensitive. You will receive you password by email. Payment Details Please select one.

1. A cheque made out to the AUSTRALIAN NAVAL INSTITUTE is enclosed.

Please forward to: The Business Manager, Australian Naval Institute, PO Box 29, Red Hill ACT 2603 AUSTRALIA

for a

year subscription

Expiry Date:
□ 2. Please debit my I I Mastercard I I Visa for$AUD


sets of The Journal of the Australian Naval Institute on CD ROM.


CardNo. I II II II 1 L_

Name of cardholder (PLEASE PRINT): Signature:

3. Payment of $AUD

has been made by direct deposit to: Account Name: Australian Naval Institute Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Branch: 33-35 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra City ACT 2601, Australia BSB: 062-919 ACC No.: 00914309

I agree to abide by the Constitution and by-laws of the Australian Naval Institute.

Australkn Naval Institute



Journal of the Australian Naval Institute

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