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In the Royal Australian Navy's 75th Anniversary year it is worth recalling the 42 vessels lost whilst serving under the White Ensign. Losses have been incurred in both war and peace. Storms, cyclones, enemy action, accidents and misfortune have all claimed victims. Some of these losses are well known and documented; others, lesser known, have faded into obscurity with the passing of time.

The losses have been:

Adele (Stores Carrier) Wrecked on the breakwater off Port Kembla. NSW, during a storm and became a total loss. 7 May 1943.

AE 1 (Submarine) Our first loss — vanished without trace while on patrol off New Britain, 14 September 1914.

AE 2 (Submarine) Sunk by gunfire from Turkish warships off Kura Burna Point, Sea of Marmana, 30 April 1915

Armidale (Corvette Minesweeper) Sunk by Japanese aircraft off Timor, t December 1942.

Arrow (Patrol Boat) Lost during Cyclone Tracy at Darwin, 25 December 1974.

Canberra (1) (Heavy Cruiser) Torpedoed by US Navy destroyers after sustaining crippling damage from a Japanese cruiser force during the Battle of Savo Island, 9 August 1942. Fauro Chief (Examination Vessel) Sunk by the collapse of jetty whilst alongside at Milne Bay, New Guinea. 16 May 1945.

Gladmore (Patrol Vessel) Destroyed by lire in Fremantle. WA on 17 October 1943.

Geelong (1) (Corvette'Minesweeper) Sank after collision with US tanker York north of Langemak. New Guinea. 18 October 1944.

Goorangi (Auxiliary Minesweeper) Lost in collision with MV Duntroon off Queenscliff. Port Phillip Bay. Victoria. 20 November 1940. Hulda (Motor Launch) Destroyed by Japanese forces at Buna, New Guinea. 22 September 1943.

Submarine AE2

Page 70 — November 86. Journal ol Ibe Australian Naval Instilule

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Karalee (Lighter) Sunk by Japanese air attack on Darwin, 19 February 1942.

Kuttabul (Depot Ship) Sunk by Japanese Midget submarine in Sydney Harbour, 1 June 1942.

Lolita (Patrol Vessel) Wrecked following an explosion and fire, Madang. New Guinea, 13 June 1945.

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