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The report of Engineer Commander A.R. Rolle:

The instruction of Cadet-Midshipmen has been advanced with the years, and the Fourth Year have completed their last term's course of Engineering Theory, Drawing and Construction, Their progress is quite up to expectation, and they have shown great interest in the advanced work.

The examination marks would have been higher had not certain Cadet-Midshipmen unfortunately made careless arithmetical errors and sent in indifferent sketches.

In my opinion, however, the Passing-out Cadet-Midshipmen have been handicapped by the change from Geelong, by a complete change in instructional staff, and by the lack of adequate plant in the workshops till nearly the end of their course.

Much of our time this year has been taken up in rearranging the existing machines and installing the new. The work has been done entirely by the Cadet-Midshipmen (with the exception of laying the concrete foundations for the heavier machines). This work has proved very satisfactory and instructive, including making the patterns, moulding and fitting the vanous castings and pipes for the steam and exhaust for the Air Compressor, and likewise carrying out defects in the Power House and to

November 86, Journal of Ihe Australian Naval Insliluie — Pago 63

machinery generally. As in previous years, repetition work has been carefully avoided, and two years' wear on the plant furnished us with a number of interesting and instructive defects, which were earned out by the Cadet-Midshipmen.'

' .... The additional instructional work this year has been with the Fourth Year: this includes Coppersmithing, Smithing, Boilermaking, Fitting and Turning, Metal Testing, and a limited amount of Torpedo and Electric Work, including the use of measuring and testing instalments (the latter work being taught this year for the first time).

We have been able to carry out Turbine and Oil Fuel instruction in the Bay in various Destroyers from time to time, but the sea-going training has been principally carried out in HMAS "Franklin ". The senior Cadet-Midshipmen dunng this time take full charge of the Boiler and Machinery, carrying out the various duties allotted to them.

.... (Voluntary work) also claims a fair share
of the Cadet-Midshipmen's attention, and a lot of
useful and instructional work has been earned
out, including Carpentering, Fitting and Turning,
and Coppersmithing

I consider that this year has been generally most satisfactory.'

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