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200 • 202 Gladstone Sireet. PO Bon 774. Fyshwnck. Tele* AA6I444

Fyshwick. ACT 2609 ACT, 2609. Australia Facsimile: |062| 805204




In a period of 5 years, SMA Pty Ltd has become the leading
project management support contractor to the Royal
Australian Navy. Company Personnel have extensive

experience with US, European and Australian Defence project management, engineering and ship construction procedures. Long term teaming arrangements exist with COMPUCAT Pty Ltd and Australian Industrial Publications Pty Ltd who are leaders in their respective fields of combat system engineering and high quality documentation production. Existing contracts include project management, logistic and engineering support for the DDG Modernization, FFG Helicopter Modification, Australian Frigate and New Surface Combatant Projects. SMA has also developed and conducted ILS and Materiel Acquisition Courses (ILSMAC) for the Australian Department of Defence.

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