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The conduct of war is an uncertain undertaking and the very first problem is to recognise the limitations of one's own headquarters, that is, what can be effectively controlled in a timely manner and what cannot be.

HQADF is designed to be the instrument through which CDF carries out preparation for and ultimately the conduct of military operations by the ADF. The structure of fhe HQADF is depicted at Figure 1. The number of officers involved in each section shown. HQADF is grossly understaffed. Note that the Australian Defence Command Centre (ADCC) is effectively unmanned on the assumption that a hastily thrown together command team can quickly take control of a crisis and co-ordinate ADF operations against a prepared enemy. This excuse for a Headquarters is incapable of offering highly competent and genuine Joint Sen/ice advice to either CDF or Cabinet. Any potential enemy could take full advantage of this apparently amateurish, outdated approach to the higher conduct of war. HQADF is designed, in principle, to exercise central command during a crisis yet it lacks the personnel to do the job. Use

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