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There is much more that could be written, and perhaps much more that should be written, but the message has hopefully struck home. My daughter, who has proofread this article, points out the major premise may be false: I am assuming that readers are sincere, conscientious and prepared to do their darg (an old coalmining term meaning to do an honest days work as a member of a team so that your conscience is clear when you share the payout at the end of the week).

Even if managers can see no place for better time management in their place of work, then they can examine their personal lifestyle to see if lime could not be utilised better. The majority of my students are employed, many have families; the first lecture emphasises to them the need for time management — so that their long-term goal of achieving a certificate or diploma can be fitted into their other intermediate and short-term goals, and they can be aware of the need to shift priorities. As far as the workplace is concerned. Rosemary Stewart said that there are danger signals to indicate to a manager that his/her time is not being well spent:

One is that there are some aspects of his job

that he thinks are important, but for which he

can never find that time. Another is constantly

feeling under pressure .. Yet another danger

signal, and the most dangerous of all, is the

belief that one is indispensable ... Habitual

long hours should also be taken as a warning

that a change is needed in the organisation of

one s work, unless long hours are a way of

escaping from an uncongenial domestic life."

Uncongenial or otherwise, a manager's

working life is only part of his/her life in general

eight hours sleeping, eight hours working are

the averages, and there are but twentyfour in

everybody's day No manager can afford not to

plan ins her use of time.

When to the sessions of sweet silent thought I summon up remembrance of things past, I sigh the lack of many a thing I sought, And with old woes new wail my dear times' waste:

Then can I drown an eye. unus'd to flow. For precious friends hid in death's dateless night.

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Page 44 November '86. Journal ol the Australian Naval Institute

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