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From the Editor 3

From the President 4

Notice of Annual General Meeting 5

Correspondence 7

Obituary — Commodore Vernon Parker 11

The Naval Review 12

A Tribute to the Royal Australian Navy 13

Honorary Life Membership 13

ANI Research Project 14

The Dibb Report as a Management Exercise

Commodore J.A. Robertson 17

Australian Defence Policy: The Game and the Players

AJ.Behm 21

Management from a Civilian Point of View

Helen Mayer. MP 29

Managing Management Information Systems

Group Captain P. Rusbridge 33

Managing an Inelastic Resource

Geoff Cutts 37

Managing Effective Joint Operations

Lieutenant A. Hinge. RAN , 45

Naval Capital Equipment Project Management

Commodore A.L. Hunt. RAN 53

Washington Notes

Tom Friedmann 57

Fitted by Training and Character

Sub-Lieutenant T.R. Frame. RAN 61

Advertising Information 68

Of Ships and the Sea 69

Application for Membership 74

Insignia Order Form 74

Air Mail Rates 74

Book Reviews 75

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USS Missouri in action off Sydney during visit for Fleet Review.

Photograph by Able Photographer Charlton courtesy of Command Photographic Centre.

November 86. Journal ol the Auslralian Naval Instrlute — Page 1


PEAB integrated electronics system

for Swedish Navy Coastal Corvettes.

The Royal Swedish Navy has recently ordered the Goteborg-class patrol corvette with an overall length of 57 m, a beam of 8 m and a displacement of about 370 tonnes.

Philips Elektronikindustrier will supply the integrated C' and weapon control system, consisting of subsystems for surveillance, communications, command and control, elec­tronic warfare and weapons control

The weapon control system onboard HMS Goteborg inclu­des a new. dual-frequency search radar, an improved inte­grated air defence system developed from the well-proven 9LV 200 and with upgraded performance and a completely new. integrated electronic warfare system The system also includes subsystems for anti-submarine warfare, surface combat and communications.

Philips Elektronikindustrier AB

Defence Electronics. S 17588 JARFALLA. Sweoen Telephone +4675810000 Telex H505Phil|aS

Page 2 — November 86. Journal o! the Australian Naval institute


With sadness we note the passing of the Institute's founding President, Commodore Vernon Parker. A tribute to Vernon — the president, the Naval Officer and the man — written by co-founder Commodore Alan Robertson, is recorded on page 11 of this issue. Vernon s perception that there were others around him prepared to commit themselves to the ideals on which the Institute is based, is shown to have been well-founded. Council has recognised particularly meritorious service by bestowing life membership upon two members. Ian James and Geoff Cults. This event is reported in more detail on page 13.

This issue was to have had two main section, a group of contributions on the Dibb Review and a group of contributions on the theme topic, management. Commodore Alan Robertson, ever the dissident, refused to have his views easily categorized by contributing a piece titled The Dibb Report as a Management Exercise'. Of course, this is entirely legitimate and not done. I trust, merely to test the ingenuity of the editor. Dibb's report is a management document. On this score, many critics of the Department have asked what the full-time managers are doing if the Minister needs to appoint an outside consultant to determine the appropriate shape and direction of the ADF in the immediate future. But with this contribution grouped within the management pieces, the Dibb section is fallow. This causes me to hope that I was wrong in my previous column when I said that the level of member participation in the Dibb debate would be a measure of our commitment to our role and belief in our purpose. I need to hope that there are other factors involved.

Management pieces are several. They range from a general consideration of the management of time by Geoff Cults through the management of (or by) technology to Service-specific pieces on project and operations management. There is scope for much more on management, of course In particular, some material on management within other-than-Department organizations would be welcomed for a future edition.

The deadline for all material for the February edition is 21 January 1987. Early advice (by telephone or mail) of an intention to contribute, including some indication of the topic to be discussed and likely length of submission would be appreciated so that supplementary material can be collected. There is no specific theme so there are no constraints. Short pieces, particularly letters in response to views previously published, are especially sought. For those who worry that they do not have time to contribute, a reading of the Cutts piece on the management of time (page 37) is recommended. Those who do not have time to read that piece are really on the horns of a dilemma.

John Hyman

November 86. Journal ol Ihe Australian Naval Institute — Page 3


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