Journal Entry #2

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Journal Entry #2: October 7th/8th - Use the he following websites: and to identify the causes of World War I AND reasons for US entry (US4C) (10 sentences). Due October 9th (A day & 8th Period) October 10th (B day).
America and China

  • China had participated in active ____________ with the U.S. for years, but Secretary of State ______________________ wanted more business and investors there.

  • In 1899, Hay announced the ___________________, giving equal trading rights to all foreign nations in _______________

  • In 1900, the ______________________________ threatened foreign lives, U.S. participated in crushing the rebellion and began a military partnership with China

America and Japan

  • U.S. opened a secluded Japan to Western trade in___________________ with Commodore Matthew Perry

  • Japanese _________________________ defeated China in 1894 and Russia in 1905 (Russo-Japanese War)

  • President Roosevelt negotiated peace between Japan and Russia with the Treaty of ____________________________ (1905) – he won the Nobel Peace Prize

America in the Caribbean

  • The ___________________________ Doctrine (1823) prevented Europeans from establishing new colonies in the Western Hemisphere

  • Roosevelt acted as a police officer and it became known as the ___________________________________ or “Big Stick Policy”

  • Taft encouraged investment abroad with ______________________________________

  • Wilson developed a policy of “watchful waiting” especially in Mexico with Pancho Villa. ___________________________________ was sent to apprehend him, but the U.S. would pull out at the start of WWI

Arguments for Imperialism

Arguments against Imperialism













Causes of World War I

  • _________________________________ led to rivalries between France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Russia

  • __________________________________ and Imperialism; Britain felt threatened by German factories and growing navy

  • ___________________________________ two alliances in Europe; Germany and Austria against Russia, Frank, and Great Britain

  • ____________________________________ and Military Planning dominated European life

Central Powers vs Allied Powers

  • As tensions rose and war seemed likely, European countries began to take sides through a series of __________________ and alliances.

  • Germany and Austria Hungary, and Ottoman Empire (Turkey) formed the ____________________ Powers and had over 7 million soldiers in their standing army in 1914.

  • Great Britain, France and Russia were the ____________________ (Triple Entente) and countered with some 10 million soldiers by 1914.

  • President Wilson urged Americans, especially European immigrants to remain _____________________ “The European war, he said is one “with which we have nothing to do, whose cause cannot touch us.”

Causes of World War I

  • The event that sparked WWI came with the assassination of Archduke _______________________________ of Austria-Hungary and Germany backing Austria-Hungary in a war against Serbia.

Essential Vocabulary:

Open Door Policy __________________________________________________________________________

Dollar Diplomacy ___________________________________________________________________________

Big Stick Policy ____________________________________________________________________________

Treaty ____________________________________________________________________________________

General John J Pershing ______________________________________________________________________

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