Josiah V. Thompson vol. I

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JVT Volume I Page 15

Deed Book D. Page 105 Bond of John Carnahan High Shff of Westmoreland Co. to George the Third for L1000. dated Nov 2, 1774. Joseph Beeler or Barber, surety. Witnessed by Arthur St. Clair & Wyllys Durson.
Deed book Nov 3 Page 298 Deed from James Caruthers & Catharine Caruthers his wife of Huntington Twp to Jacob [Ong.?] dated Sept 22, 1797 for 109 pounds Conveys 24 3/4 Acres adjoining his other land being a part of tract patented to James Caruthers May 6, 1790 inrolled in Patent Book No 16 Page 267. In same book at Page 301 on Aug 2, 1797 they Convey 40 Acres a part of above tract to Daniel Breniman for 207 pounds 10 shillings.

Deed Book No 4 Page 102 James Carnahan of Bourbon Co. Ky, on Feby 10, 1798 appoints John Brandon of Gbg attorney to correct Judge P. Sml Sloan.

Deed book No c Page 145, Deed from Samuel Potter & Catesy Carnahan dated Oct 7, 1801 Convey to Davis & John Tom L100. land they Ack got from John Carnahan.
Deed book No 9 Page 455 Deed from John Carnahan of Westnd Co. & Jane Simonson Fayette Co Pa to James Carnahan of the State of Ky & Archibald Carnahan of State of Ohio, dated Nov 8, 1811, Convey interests in two.

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