Joseph Stalin Video Guide “Red Terror” Name Word Bank

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Joseph Stalin Video Guide “Red Terror” Name ________________

Word Bank

Gulags Trotsky Soviet Union Bolsheviks Georgia

Propaganda Purge Allies Exile

  1. Stalin ruled Russia for nearly _______ years.

  1. ____________ million people lost their lives during the reign of Stalin.

  2. _____________________ was an essential part of Stalin’s rule.

  3. Stalin was born in the Russian Province of ________________________.

  1. Stalin’s father often violently ______________________ him and his mother.

  1. Early in his life Stalin studied to be a ___________________________.

  1. At the age of 19 he left school and joined the _________________(Communists).

  1. Stalin actually means “Man of _________________________.”

  1. Stalin spent many years in ________________________ under the Czar’s rule.

  1. From 1918 to 1920 Stalin fought for the Reds during the Russian __________ War.

  1. Stalin had a famous quote that summed up his personality. “Death solves all problems, get rid of the _____________ get rid of the problem.”

  1. Under the Bolshevik’s leadership, _______________________ was believed to be dangerous and was discouraged because it challenged the Bolshevik ideals.

  1. Stalin had ambition and wanted to move up in the Bolshevik leadership. Lenin had suffered a stroke and there would soon be a power struggle between Stalin and _______________________________.

  2. Stalin soon gained total power and the first thing he did was to collectivize all of Russia’s __________________. Wealthy farmers were exiled to Siberia and others were forced to work on the collective farms.

  1. The program was not a success and soon a great _________________ struck the Soviet Union. It got so bad that people resorted to _______________________. ____________ million starved to death in the Province of Ukraine.

  1. In order to assure that vital industrial work got done Stalin began the ________________________ which were forced labor camps. Most prisoners were simply worked to death or starved.

  1. Stalin used _________________________________ to brain-wash people into believing he was infallible and worthy of worship.

  1. Stalin began to ___________________ all people who might threaten his power, including his old Bolshevik partners.

  1. In 1940 Trotsky was killed with an ____________________ in Mexico City where he was exiled.

  1. When Stalin’s 2nd wife began questioning him about the famine in the Ukraine the next morning she was found dead with a gunshot wound to the ______________.

  1. In the 1930s Hitler brought Germany to a position of power in Europe. Soon Stalin and Hitler would sign a treaty that guaranteed they would not ____________________________ each other. Russia also regained land lost in the Treaty of Versailles.

  1. In the summer of 1941 Hitler broke his promise to Stalin and invaded the ________________________________. Stalin could not believe he was betrayed.

  1. When the German’s approached Moscow Stalin refused to __________________. Soon the Russian winter and the courage of Soviet soldiers halted the German assault.

  1. Soon Stalin and the Soviet Union joined the __________________ which included the US, France, and Britain in the fight against Hitler and the Nazis.

  1. After WWII Stalin was sure that people were out to get him so millions more were arrested and imprisoned for supposedly being traitors to the Soviet Union or the U__ __ __. (In the Cyrillic alphabet it would be CCCP.)

  1. Stalin died on March 5th 195___. His funeral was a massive event with millions mourning the death of their leader.

  1. Nikita Khrushchev took over as successor to Stalin. In a secret speech before the Communist Party in 1956 Khrushchev admitted to the Russian people what crimes Stalin had committed against the Soviet people.

  1. Today Russia struggles under a weak economy and there are some that look once again for a strong leader like _______________ to return Russia to the great power they once were.

  1. In 1991 the Soviet Union fell apart and Russia became a ___________________. Their great experiment in freedom began.

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