Joseph Stalin: Red Terror

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Questions on “Joseph Stalin: Red Terror”

1) When was Joseph Dzugashivili (Joseph Stalin) born and in which region of Russia?

2) What effect did Stalin’s upbringing have on the formation of his personality?

3) What cause did Stalin join at the age of 19? What does the name “Stalin” mean?

4) What were the roles of Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin during the civil war and in the Communist party? How did Stalin’s reputation change during this time?

5) How did Stalin outmaneuver his opponents after Lenin’s death? By the end of the 1920s who was in complete control of the Soviet Union?

6) After gaining power what actions did Stalin take in the agricultural sector? Why weren’t these successful?

7) Why did Stalin seize grain from the farmers in the Ukraine? What was the terrible result?

8) When did Stalin’s first “Five Year Plan” begin? Why was it difficult to measure the success of this and future plans?

9) What were the “gulags”? How did Stalin use these as an instrument of state terror?

10) How were indoctrination and propaganda used in Stalin’s Russia? Who was the subject of all propaganda?

11) Who did Stalin choose to purge? Why did certain purges result in the Soviet Union’s near defeat in World War?

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