Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945

[Description verbatim from the YouTube by the video’s creator:]

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[Description verbatim from the YouTube by the video’s creator:] On all Videotapes of the 1st and 2nd strike there is no Vortex visible. I came aware of this when Factfinder general on Pilots for Truth told me half a year ago. Back then Rob Balsamo, Pilot, made me skeptical saying that the Heat of the Explosion, is too hot to be affected by the Vortices. But then I became aware of these Videos which clearly show that even in Napalm fire, Vortices are still present, as in normal air conditions. Watch the 911 Videos in HD and look closely, there is no turbulence in the smoke or fire. This is only possible when there are no Planes. This might look like a small piece to the perps, but is in fact hard evidence. Pre planted charges can look nice, but cannot reproduce the real effect of Jet Engines Turbulence/Vortices.
The laws of physics didn’t take a holiday on 9/11. But the common sense of gullible people watching TV appeared to have taken that holiday instead…
Nonetheless, older English dictionaries printed before September 11 which define the very special nuclear term “ground zero” could serve as the best medicine to overcome the 9/11 illusion and to regain your common sense…

Along with older English dictionaries, for the same reason, these photographs could also be used to show the molten rock left behind after the underground cavities were created by nuclear explosions under all three buildings of the World Trade Center. They eventually cooled down and were, at last, cleared of all remaining radioactive materials:

Perhaps, without an obligatory formal witness’s testimony the 9/11 picture drawn by me in this article would not be complete. Perhaps at least one testimony of a witness is indeed required. There are many of such testimonies available, but I selected the best and the most convincing ones.
There is one remarkable article titled “Rudy Tuesday” published by The New York Magazine online4. This article is not only remarkable because the term ground zero in relation to Manhattan’s “Ground Zero” is used in it “as is” – i.e. without any quotation marks and without any capitalization – as it would normally appear in any civil defense manual, but because of the actual statement by former Mayor of New York Rudolph Giuliani.
I think it is such a masterpiece of the important 9/11 evidence and such an important witness’ testimony from the point of view of psychology, that I have to quote here the entire part of the article “as is”, without modifying anything.
The important things you should pay close attention to, however, are made in bold by me. Make sure to notice that in the aftermath of the unprecedented WTC kerosene-pancake collapse the Mayor of New York for no apparent reason “went nuclear” and began his speech with silly comments about nuclear reactors and continued it with his claims that he KNEW on top of WHAT the ground zero workers were actually standing on (meaning the same people he sent to clean up ground zero without having issued any of them lunar-looking haz-mat suits):
Right, 9/11. Out in the dining room, after the salads are served, Delaware congressman Mike Castle takes the microphone. He talks about Rudy and the squeegee men. BlackBerrys continue scrolling. But then Castle tells of the ground-zero tour the mayor gave him and other congressmen in the days after the terror attacks. People start to pay attention. “He attended most of the funerals; he was there in every way possible,” says Castle. “I don’t think we can ever thank him enough for what he did.” Now Rudy strides to the podium. The room rises. Suits at the cheap tables stand and a banker type sticks his fingers in his mouth and gives a loud whistle. Initially, Giuliani squanders the goodwill. A bit on immigration lands with a thud. He notes that China has built more than 30 nuclear reactors since we last built one. “Maybe we should copy China.” What? You can see the thought bubbles forming over people’s heads: Can this be the same guy we saw on television? The guy who was so presidential when our actual president was MIA? But then Rudy finds his comfort zone. Along with McCain and Mitt Romney, his best-known fellow Republican presidential contenders, Giuliani is out on the thin, saggy pro-surge limb with the president. But Rudy can spin the issue in a way McCain and Romney, not to mention Hillary and Barack Obama, cannot. And now he does just that: Iraq leads to 9/11, which leads to the sacred image of construction workers raising the flag over ground zero. “I knew what they were standing on top of,” Giuliani says. “They were standing on top of a cauldron. They were standing on top of fires 2,000 degrees that raged for a hundred days. And they put their lives at risk raising that flag.” The room is silent. Not a fork hits a plate, not one gold bracelet rattles. “They put the flag up to say, ‘You can’t beat us, because we’re Americans.’ "The mayor pauses and, as if on cue, an old woman sniffles. He continues. “And we don’t say this with arrogance or in a militaristic way, but in a spiritual way: Our ideas are better than yours.””
I am not quite sure, of course, if “their ideas” are indeed “better than ours” because I don’t think that it was a good idea at all – to demolish skyscrapers in the middle of a populated city by thermonuclear explosions whereby each explosion is 8 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb, but in principle I agree with Mr. Giuliani. The poor ground zero responders were indeed standing on top of a cauldron and they indeed did put their lives at risk – as you may sincerely expect to be the case when gullible people visit the location of a fresh nuclear explosion and without wearing any protective gear.
From now on, I believe, the reader has more or less a complete picture of the events – what exactly took place at Manhattan’s “Ground Zero” and what the term “ground zero” used to mean in the pre-9/11 English language and this is even supported by important witness’ testimony.

I guess that many readers, of course, will have a lot of questions – what hit the Pentagon? If planes didn’t hit the Twin Towers, then where did the actual planes disappear to? What happened to the passengers? What happened with the alleged “hijackers”? What happened with Flight 93? Why was the Doomsday Plane seen flying on 9/11? Why was it not possible to collapse the North Tower before the South Tower? Why did US officials demolish the Twins and WTC-7 at all? Why were there not a lot of cases of acute radiation sickness among ground zero responders, but rather cases of chronic radiation sickness? Who sent the anthrax letters, and why? Why did the controlling services of other countries – for example, those of Russia, India and China – prefer to “look the other way” when the US Government demolished the World Trade Center using three 150 kiloton thermonuclear explosions and knowing that Afghanistan and Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with it? Why was the IAEA silent? And, at last, who organized 9/11 and why?

As you can probably imagine, 9/11 was such a complicated operation and its separate aspects are so much intertwined that it is simply impossible to describe the entire 9/11 affair “in brief” while devoting such little attention to each of its aspect. It is quite difficult to fill in all the blanks regarding the entire 9/11 scenario in such a short article.
In September of 2009, I produced a more or less comprehensive video-presentation that lasts well over 4 hours and explains quite a bit about 9/11 in its entirety. This video can be found on the Internet by searching for “Dimitri Khalezov video”. Besides, I wrote a book that comprises well over 500 pages in A4 format. This is just to illustrate that it is really impossible - to explain in a fully comprehensible manner, what really happened on 9/11 in its entirety and in such a limited article. Perhaps, just attempting to explain the technicalities of the 9/11 missile attack on the Pentagon and the circumstances surrounding the Pentagon attack alone would require about as much info as contained in this article. But, hopefully, this story can be continued here.
Therefore, from all the potential questions mentioned in the above paragraph, I can only answer the last one: the 9/11 perpetration was organized by those who wanted to drive the United States along with other countries into ridiculous wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and who want to strip the citizens of these countries of their last remaining civil liberties and human rights. It should be understood that no Al-Qaeda and not any other Muslim organization could have afforded to feed falsified “plane” footage to the US mass-media, to hire witnesses who “saw” aluminum planes penetrate steel and to simultaneously demolish the World Trade Center by three 150 kiloton underground thermo-nuclear explosions, each of which was 8 times as powerful as the first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

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