John F. Kennedy Date of Birth

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John F. Kennedy

Date of Birth: May 29, 1917, Brookline, Massachusetts, USA

Death Date: (Assassinated) November 22, 1963, Dallas, Texas, USA

Thirty- fifth US president

Spouse: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Children: Caroline Kennedy, John F. Kennedy Jr., Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, Arabella Kennedy

Siblings: Robert F. Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Rosemary Kennedy

Key Historical Details: John F. Kennedy served as the thirty- fifth president of America. He under saw many successful missions and historical events. After military service as commander of Motor Torpedo Boats PT-109 and PT-59 during World War II in the South Pacific, Kennedy represented Massachusetts's 11th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1947 to 1953 as a Democrat


Although I shouldn’t call you dearest for I haven’t’ heard from you in a while. Even though you’re busy please take time out of your day to write,for unless we write we will not know one another and I’m afraid of that. Dear, I love you and want to come back to you, please always remember that.

We visited a town the other day; the place was a wreck, hardly anyone home. Hundreds of houses full with furniture and everything except what the people could carry with them. Everybody has steel helmets on and are carrying guns. The tanks are rumbling by, the town is in ruins. The anti-aircraft guns are constantly going off and the war is being fought. I’ve got kinds of souvenir bullets and the next time I go up, I’ll get Cliff a Luger pistol. Had to be careful of mines and booby traps. What a thrill to be right at the front.

I’m sending home this box of souvenirs, please keep anything you want to and give the rest to our family and friends, or hold them for my return. To show you the shortage of various things over here, you will have to await until I return home in one piece to take a look at me and see the loss of weight I have endured. I’m enclosing some pictures from a magazine that was passed upon to me ,featuring bridges and taxis on the front cover. Looking at it makes me feel that if I close my eyes and ignore the sounds of war, I too can be as happy as the people riding in the taxis and feeling the freedom. What is freedom? I’m not too sure, but it comes with a cost. That cost turns out to be me over here with a brother on my left and another on my right. Please write more often for I can’t wait until I can be home again with you and we could start are family that we have been planning on doing for a while. Well sweetheart I must say goodnight for now and a million kisses. I love so much to get your letters and I haven’t had any for too long. I love you darling with all my heart, body and soul.


John F. Kennedy


While writing this letter from the perspective of former President John F. Kennedy I faced many struggle. Some of the problems that I encountered were that I didn’t obtain a lot of prior knowledge on the topic nor the person. Although knowing John Kennedy was a historical person that shaped many historical events during and following his life. Once realizing from studying John that he had done some time in the army. I remembered that back in history class although we focused more on Canadian History we did spend some time writing letters from a war perspective, therefore I noticed that I could just write a letter from a war perspective and try my best to make it relate to Mr. Kennedy as much as possible. Although, my letter may not reflect his life, or what he did as a president it may refer to the time in his life when he wasn’t a famous Politian but yet a solider on the front lines fighting for our freedom. I tried to fix my problem I had by studying John. F Kennedy and trying to understand him as much as possible.

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