John Adams Episode 5: Unite or Die

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John Adams Episode 5: Unite or Die

Do Now: Answer the following questions. Be ready to explain why.

  1. What is more important: liberty or order? Choose 1 side.

  1. What is your opinion on political parties?

  1. How united are the United States?

Viewing Questions: As you watch the episode, answer the following questions. These questions will be reviewed upon completion of the episode.

1. In the beginning of the episode, what differences does Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson have with Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton?

- Differences in essentially all aspects of how the government should rule the United States

- Ex. Size of government, national bank, how to interpret the Constitution, etc.

2. What frustrations did John Adams have with the role of the Vice President?

- Thought that it served no true purpose

- Believed he did not wield a lot of political power

3. When Abigail and John Adams were talking to Jefferson, what was the danger of France’s situation?

- The French Revolution was becoming increasingly violent and bloody

- John and Abigail were worried about the level of support that Jefferson was showing

- Potential for mob rule

4. Who is killed in effigy by the guillotine?

- Tyranny- King Louis of France

5. What does Hamilton say to the French diplomat about the treaty with France?

-Treaty of France was with King Louis, not with the French revolutionaries

- Therefore, the treaty from the American Revolution does not count

6. What does Jefferson say about impartiality when talking to Adams?

- Impartiality is always partial

- Although we should be fair between France/Britain and not choose sides, the U.S. will choose Great Britain under the leadership of Hamilton

- Believes Hamilton wants US to be British in everything but name

7. Who is appointed to be the chief negotiator for peace between the United States and Britain?

- Chief Justice John Jay

8. Where was John Quincy Adams (John Adams’ son) sent to be ambassador for the U.S?

- Netherlands

9. How does the Jay Treaty pass in the Senate? What was the reaction of the American people? WHY?

- Showed a 15-15 tie broken by Adams (NOT TRUE!!!)

***- In reality, 20-10 margin, the 2/3 needed to pass the treaty

- Some very angry and some OK with it

- Some believed the government was being too lenient with the evil British, while others saw it as good especially since Washington sided with it

10. When Washington resigns after two terms, what allegations does Jefferson make about Adams? What are the results of that election?

- Thomas Jefferson is a firm Republican while Adams will be a Monarch

- John Adams elected as the 2nd President of the United States

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