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During the film, take notes about the beliefs of the following 4 important “characters”.

John Adams

Ben Franklin

Thomas Jefferson

John Dickinson

After viewing the film respond to the following questions (on the back or on another paper):

This is due Monday 9/22 even if the movie is not complete!!!!!!!!

  1. Would it have been better to insist on the antislavery language that Jefferson originally proposed to insert into the Declaration of Independence or did the Continental Congress do the right thing in compromising by excluding it?

  1. Isn't it remarkable that Jefferson and Adams, perhaps the two men most responsible for our independence, died the same day, July 4, 1826? What does this fact mean to you?

  1. When Hancock, the presiding officer of the Continental Congress, suggested that he might start favoring the pro-independence side, why did John Adams decline his offer and tell him to continue being fair and neutral? What is a statesman?

  1. The delegates to the Continental Congress did not comply with the ethical obligation to stand by their country (England) or to obey the law and rules of their country. They felt that other ethical values, such as loyalty to family, friends and their colony and doing the right thing were more important. These too are ethical principles. When one is faced with a conflict between ethical principles, how does one resolve it?

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