John abbott college humanities/ Philosophy/ Religion Department ethics in science and technology a. Title: Ethical Issues subtitle

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I. EVALUATION PLAN: See tentative timetable below for due dates.
Quirks and Quarks Exercise 10%

Presentation on a chapter 10%

Midterm Mini-Test 10%

Essay on Difference and Science 25%

Test 25%

Homework/Short Assignment 5%x4 = 20%

There will be at least six opportunities to do homework assignments. The best four will count. They are take-home or in-class assignments or quizzes based on course material. Field Trip is worth two homework assignments (2x5%=10%)

Tentative Schedule of Readings and Assignments

Week of Aug. 24 First Day of Class

Week of Aug. 31 Scientific Literacy - Assign Quirks and Quarks Exercise (10%)
Week of Sept. 7 Field Trip Assignment (worth 2 homework)

(No classes Monday)

Week of Sept. 14 The Aesthetics of Science (homework)

Read Martin’s “The Egg and the Sperm”


Week of Sept. 21 Human Experimentation

Read Jones’ “The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment”
Week of Sept. 28 Tuskegee in depth

"Price of Admission" is a précis from a chapter of Tuskegee Truths (homework)

Hand in Field Trip Assignment
Week of Oct. 5 Eugenics

Read Proctor’s “Nazi Medicine and the Politics of Knowledge”

Read Bodgan's "Clinical Photographs"

Last Day to Hand in Quirks and Quarks Exercise

Week of Oct. 12 Presentation on a chapter (10%)

(No classes Monday)

(Oct. 13 is a "Monday")

Week of Oct. 19 Presentation on a chapter

Midterm Mini-Test (10%)
Week of Oct. 26 Defining Difference, Race, Gender, Sexuality, and (Dis)Ability

Read Anne-Fausto-Sterling’s “Gender, Race and Nation” (homework)

Essay Assigned

Week of Nov. 2 Read Schiebinger's "Anatomy of Difference"

Read Marshall’s “Racial Classifications” (homework)

Week of Nov. 9 How to Tell the Boys from the Girls

Week of Nov. 16 Read Theriot's "Women's Voices in Nineteenth Century Medical Discourse"

Final Essay Due (25%)

Week of Nov. 23 Catch up and Review
Week of Nov. 30 Review for Test

TEST (25%)

Week of Dec. 7 LAST CLASS!

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