Job Title – Social Media Editor, Urdu Service

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Job Title – Social Media Editor, Urdu Service

Grade: 8
Reports to: Editor, Urdu Service

BBC Urdu provides news and current affairs to Urdu speaking audiences through online, radio, TV, social and mobile media. In line with Global News Divisions innovation objectives of reaching new audiences, BBC Urdu is exploring a new digital direction that aims to build and optimize online video platform growth. For this reason, BBC Urdu is creating a new role of Social Media Editor to coordinate and develop the use of user generated content and social media contributions to the Urdu Service, and wider BBC output.

The BBC Urdu Service is seeking a dynamic Social Media Editor to drive growth and innovation on third party and our own platforms. You will be responsible for overseeing the delivery of major changes to our digital proposition and the way we interact with audiences, in line with the changing face of media across the globe. As a key player in World Service Digital, you will report to the Urdu Service Editor, and work with Social Media Editor for Languages and Digital Development Editor.

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