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Job Title PA to the Principal

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PA to the Principal WCSA Job Description

Job Title PA to the Principal
Assessment criteria

Good general education, including mathematics and English at Cor above grade at GCSE (or equivalent) level. Education at degree level
Experience of working as a Personal Assistant or at a high level of administration Substantial previous office experience working as a senior administrator to demonstrate competence in
• Working independently
Managing conflicting workload
• Confidentiality Experience of working with students/parents/carers and other stakeholders of a Secondary School Experience in an environment that requires personal initiative and task completion under pressure
Ability to use Office Word and Excel to produce concise reports. Experience of using Google Suite. Ability to use PowerPoint to design presentations Excellent drafting and proofreading skills Clear experience in working confidentially Minute taking Shorthand skills
Experience of working with
MIS software, for example
Personal competencies,
qualities, attitude and
Able to work unsupervised. To work methodically and with good organisation and proven ability to meet deadlines. Excellent communication skills Team player with the ability to build strong working relationships

Confident, assertive and discreet, motivation to work with children and young people Accuracy in work.
An understanding, acceptance and commitment to the fundamental principles of an equal opportunities. To work in away that promotes equality of opportunity and respect for diversity.
Evidence of a commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people To work in away that promotes the safety and well- being of children and young people.

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