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Supervision and Work planning

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PA to the Principal WCSA Job Description

Supervision and Work planning

The post holder is line managed by the Principal. They will meet on a daily basis and hold a diary/planning meeting weekly. The post holder will be responsible for the prioritisation of tasks on a daily and weekly basis, working with a significant degree of self-motivation and independence. The will also have to employ a high level of organisational skills and be able to meet tight deadlines. Clarity in forward planning is a prerequisite for this job. In the Principals absence they may need to make decisions and delegate tasks to other members of staff liaising with the designated member of the LT acting as Principal.
Supervisory responsibility
There is no supervisory responsibility for this role.


Please refer to the Person Specification for full details. Please note all original qualification certificates will need to be presented on the day of interview for verification and production of these certificates forms part of the conditional offer checks.

The post holder will liaise with students, staff, parents, governors, local authority representatives, the Department for Education, members of the public, other schools, businesses, examination boards and

the media. In all cases a highly professional and discreet approach is required when dealing with requests or queries concerning the school. The PA should always be able identify incoming communications that require an immediate response from the Principal. An ability to work independently of immediate direction by the Principal but presenting clear summaries to them of actions taken with respect to contacts is crucial.

Person Specification

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