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Line management duties and responsibilities

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PA to the Principal WCSA Job Description

Line management duties and responsibilities

Safeguarding responsibilities

Whilst this role does notwork directly with students you will be based onsite and have regular access to students and are therefore in regulated activity.


This job only contains the main duties relating to this post and does not describe in detail the tasks required to carry them out. This job description maybe amended at anytime following discussion between the line manager and member of staff and maybe reviewed annually.
Work Demands

Ability to work to strict deadlines but also the flexibility to deal with changing priorities and unforeseen circumstances which could be lengthy to resolve. Periods of concentration will be involved to ensure compliance documents and policies are accurate and produced to a high standard. Ensure that strict confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Physical Demands
Normal physical effort required.
Working Conditions

The role is office based but will include visiting schools within the Trust for meetings and to support.

May involve dealing with challenging situations which can require conflict resolution and dealing with emotive situations.

General Expectations

Develop and maintain working relationships with other professionals. Contribute to the management of student behaviour and security. Review and develop own professional practice. This job description only contains the main duties relating to this post and does not describe in detail the tasks required to carry them out.
Expectations of the Jobholder

Be aware of and comply with Trust policies as well as individual academy policies and procedures. Be committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. Ensure that the equal opportunities policy is adhered to and promoted in all aspects of the post holder’s work. Ensure effective quality control and continuous improvement in all aspects of the work and responsibilities attached to this post. Demonstrate professionalism towards sensitive and confidential information. Comply with and promote Health and Safety policies and procedures and to undertake recommended Health and Safety training as and when necessary. Commit to professional self-development, through participation in in-service training as necessary for the successful carrying out of the job. Undertake such other duties as are commensurate with the grade of the post.

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