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PA to the Principal WCSA Job Description

Creativity & Innovation
Creating high quality parental communications, including but not limited to, the prospectus, weekly Principals update, and 3 x yearly newsletters for distribution. This involves creating aesthetically pleasing content and proofreading to a high level, coordinating photography, collating images, and gathering content. To develop and supervise the maintenance and accuracy of manual and computerised records/management information systems (sometimes initiating and implementing change) to meet agreed service standards and support efficient school management. To compose complicated letters on sensitive issues on behalf of the Principal.

To coordinate the Parents Forum and Student Council, to enable stakeholder voices to be heard. To manage the Principal’s diary, organising meetings and functions (to include any necessary catering or travel arrangements, and ensuring that the Principal is well prepared for these. Liaising with members of the Governing Body insetting up meetings and taking minutes as necessary. To deal with internal/external correspondence, enquires or requests (letters, telephone calls, and emails) for the Principal, screening these, passing them on or replying on behalf of the Principal as appropriate. To carryout background research, obtain data and prepare reports. To receive and deal with visitors to the Principal. To support the Principal and LT with the management of student behaviour at social times and lesson changeovers. To be responsible for convening governor panels (when necessary) and producing associated papers, taking minutes and distributing them as necessary. Providing support at school events, including those outside the normal school day, e.g. Prospective Parents & Presentation evenings. Managing the Student rewards and related budgets, ensuring efficient and compliant spend, placing orders, purchasing goods as per the TPLT Finance Policy. To assist in the development of strategies to promote the school in the wider community. To work with the Operations team on school events, creating promotional materials and external communications, and assist with the running of events, representing the Principal where appropriate.

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