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PA to the Principal WCSA Job Description

Title: PA to the Principal
Worle Community School
– an Academy

Main purpose of the role

To provide practical day-to-day administration support and general assistance to the Principal, so as to enable the Principal to fulfil their duties and responsibilities. To provide administration and diary management for the Principal.
Main Duties and Responsibilities

This role involves working with children on a daily basis and is therefore a regulated activity. To act as first point of contact for the Principal with people from both inside and outside of the organisation, via the telephone, email and in person. Where possible, dealing with queries and questions through to conclusion. To remain conversant with the Principal’s workload on an ongoing basis, whilst actively supporting the Principal in discharging day-to-day school matters and queries. Undertaking roles and tasks (with minimal supervision) that require an in-depth understanding of methods, systems and processes over a range of procedures. Act as a troubleshooter for referred problems. Working independently to provide a comprehensive secretarial service, producing confidential reports, agendas and minutes, letters & documents, carrying out background research and preparing briefing papers, reports and presentations as required. Representing the Principal, where instructed by the Principal, through the performance of tasks/activities within the post holders skills set that are commensurate with the status and responsibilities of the post. To support in the creation of a wide range of detailed, complex, statutory or specialist documents to ensure that the needs of the Leadership Team are met. To include meeting agendas, minutes, reports and other documents as required all to be completed to high standards of accuracy and within tight timescales.

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