Joan of Arc Note-Taking Assignment

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Joan of Arc Note-Taking Assignment
Joan of Arc was a key player in the Hundred Years War on the French side. She was young, brave, heroic, and female! This class, you’ll be using computer resources to discover who Joan of Arc was.
Assignment guidelines:

  1. Use 2 approved resources. You will get more info on this from Ms. Doyle.

  2. Find accurate information on the topics outlined below.

  3. Properly fill in the library note-taking sheets, in 2 columns (left column = information copied straight from the resource; right column = your paraphrase of the information)

  4. Create a bibliography using the format described by Ms. Doyle.


You will be marked on your note-taking and your bibliography.

Notetaking: From each of your 2 sources, get 10 useful points (Total = 20 marks) Bibliography: 5 marks.

Total Assignment: Out of 25 marks.

Topics to research:

  • Early Life (Where was Joan of Arc from? What was her social standing? What was her life like before she became famous?)

  • Personality (What was she like?)

  • Accomplishments (What made her famous? What did she contribute to France and the Hundred Years War?)

  • Inspiration (Why did she do the great things she did? Where did her passion/strength come from? What role did God play in her life?)

  • Death (How did she die? How old was she? Why did her life end the way it did?)

**Be sure to get some notes on each of these topics!!**

Download 23 Kb.

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