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Chapter 8 – Multiple Choice

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Chapter 8 – Multiple Choice

Penny press newspapers increased news readership, switched to less partisan tilt for wider advert range

Which of the following eras of journalism best represents the historical arrival of newspapers as a mass medium? The penny press era

Yellow journalism is sensational, overly dramatic; the root of investigate journalism

What were the two significant features of yellow journalism? Sensational and overly dramatic
The two publishers most associated with yellow journalism in the late 1800s were Pulitzer and Hearst

Modern journalism started to develop in the nineteenth century mainly because newspapers focus on objectivity/inverted pyramid

Select the correct historical order among the following major eras in journalism history. Yellow, investigative, objective, interpretive, literary, contemporary (consensus/conflict)

Name the publication most closely associated with the rise of modern journalism. The New York Times

Objective journalism as championed by Adolph Ochs and the New York Times was particularly good at focusing on “just the facts” and balanced reporting

What spawned the rise of interpretive journalism in the 1930s and 1940s? The complexity of WWI

Besides providing community calendars and meeting notices, _______ newspapers mostly carry articles on local schools, social events, town government, property crimes, and zoning issues. Non daily, consensus-oriented journalism

Which of the following are specific groups of readers targeted by specialized newspapers? African American, Spanish language, Asian America, Native American

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