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The Jimmy Carter Historical Hike is a 5-mile waling history lesson through the Jimmy Carter national Historic Site and Plains, GA. Plains is in Southwest Georgia on U.S. Highway 280 about 10 miles west of Americus. President and Mrs. Carter grew up in Plains, were married here, and have lived here most of their lives.

The historical hike is designed to inform hikers of Jimmy Carter’s life and his presidency. The hike was established as an Eagle Scout Project for Matthew Hart of Boy Scout Troop 231 in Americus and is administered by Boy Scout Troop 27 in Americus. Most of the hike is on public land owned by the National Park Service; however part of the hike is adjacent to private property owned by the citizens of Plains. Please keep off these lands. Please abide by the rules of the hike. The hike leader should make sure all hikers understand each question and help others find the answers. The hike starts at Plains High School. An optional 4 inches wide by 2.25 inches high four color fully embroidered patch is available to hikers. Please follow the hike requirements if you wish to receive a patch award for this hike. The patch is shown above. It symbolizes Jimmy Carter’s life from the boyhood Farm to the Presidency of the United States. The patch is available to all hikers.


A primitive campsite is available, free of charge, across Georgia Highway 49 from the Funeral Entrance Gate of the Andersonville National Cemetery on National Park Service land in Andersonville, Georgia. Andersonville also has a historical hike. To reserve a campsite, call the Park at 229-924-0343 ext. 201. Food and ice may be purchased in Americus. Plains has several churches and scouts are encouraged to attend. Jimmy Carter sometimes teaches Sunday School at Maranatha Baptist Church on County Road 45. Check the signs in front of the churches for service schedule. You can call 229-824-4104 to learn President Carter’s teaching schedule. Your troop is welcome to attend church and Sunday School. However, Scouts should be in Class A uniform and arrive early to get a seat.


  1. This hike is available to everyone interested in learning about President Carter’s life and presidency.

  2. Scouts should be in proper uniform and on their best behavior.

  3. The entire hike should be completed on foot.

  4. The hike leader is responsible for the safety of the hikers. The hike leader should be a responsible person over the age of 21.

  5. The “Leadership Rule of Two” should be in effect at all times.

  6. When it is necessary to walk near a road, walk beside it, not on it. Walk single file, facing oncoming traffic.

  7. An optional patch award is available for those that complete the hike and meets its requirements.

  8. Each hiker is encouraged to pick up litter as they are hiking.

  9. Failure to behave properly may disqualify a group.

  10. You may omit any questions where the display has changed so much that the answer cannot be found.

  11. Fire ants are a hazard in this area. Avoid their mounds due to the fact that their stings can be dangerous.

  12. Water may not be available in some areas, therefore, bring water. Make sure all scouts drink plenty of fluids while hiking.

  13. Use the park map and brochure to help find sites for answers to the questions.

  14. Please do not walk on the railroad tracks at any time. They are on private property.


If you would like to receive a patch for this hike, mail the completed form with a money order for the correct amount to: Jimmy Carter Historical Hike

Boy Scouts of America-Troop 27

402 Rigas Road

Americus, GA 31709-2720

Only one form per group. Do not send cash through the mail. Please send a money order.

Number of patches _______@ $5.00 each: ________Total amount enclosed Date of Hike_____________________

Patches are to be sent to: (please PRINT clearly)

Troop #_______________________________________

Name: _________________________________________



The Jimmy Carter Historical Hike is a nonprofit activity sponsored and operated by Troop 27 to encourage a love for the history and natural beauty of America. The hiking committee would appreciate your comments or suggestions regarding this hike. You should begin your visit to the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site by going to the Plains High School and viewing the 27 minute film shown in the auditorium

The following 4 questions can be found in the front hallway and principal’s office in Plains High School.

  1. What year did Plains High School first open? When did it close as a school?


  1. Name the teacher who was most influential in the life of President Carter.


  1. What year did Plains High School open as a Visitor Center/Museum?

ANSWER: _____________________________________

  1. Who were the two school administrators while Jimmy Carter attended plains High School?

ANSWER: _________________________________

Go back to the hallway. The next 2 questions will be found to the left of the front desk.

  1. Who was Jimmy Carter’s teacher in the tenth (10) grade?

ANSWER: ___________________________________

  1. What did students win for reading the “Twelve Great Books”?


Go into the restored classroom where answers to the next 2 questions will be found.

  1. How many members of the League of Nations were there in 1924?


  1. What was the source of light in the classroom?


  1. What was the school mascot? 9in trophy case)

Now turn right toward the Era rooms and proceed into ERA 1 (1924-1952) where the next 5 questions will be found.

  1. Who were Jimmy Carter’s parents? Siblings?


  1. What institution of learning was founded in 1912 by Rev. William C. Johnson?


  1. What time of day did work begin on the Jimmy Carter Farm?


  1. Who was Jimmy Carter’s older cousin?


  1. When did Jimmy Carter enter the United States Naval Academy?


Go to the next room , ERA II(1954-1971), where the next 5 questions will be found.

  1. Name Jimmy and Rosalynn’s children.

ANSWER: ____________________________________

  1. When and on what street did the Carter’s build their current home?


  1. What year was Jimmy Carter chairman of the Sumter County Board of Education?


  1. What year did Jimmy Carter announce his candidacy for president?


  1. What did the main headlines of the Americus Times Recorder say on November 3, 1976?


Go to the ERA III (Presidency), for the next 5 questions.

  1. What day did Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter return to Plains, GA after his presidency?


  1. Who founded Habitat for Humanity? What year was it founded?


  1. What country did Jimmy Carter assist in monitoring elections in 1996?


  1. List three of Jimmy Carter’s hobbies and interest.


  1. List the titles of two of the books authored by former President Carter.


Leave ERA III and proceed down the hall toward the lobby. Go into the Rosalynn Carter Gallery. Here you will find the next 5 questions.

  1. How old was Rosalynn Carter when her father died?


  1. How many siblings did Rosalynn have?


  1. Which member of the Carter family was a very close girlfriend to Rosalynn?


  1. Was Rosalynn Carter anxious to return home in 1953?


  1. What cause has Rosalynn Carter worked for while in the Governor’s mansion and the White House? Her efforts on behalf of this cause are still uppermost in her post White House life.


Follow the directions to the next site. Leave Plains High School and turn right. Cross Bond Street and proceed on paschal Street. Walk two blocks until you get to the brick duplexes on your left. Remember that the houses on either side of the road are private residences. Please keep off of their property. Read the wayside exhibit and answer the next 2 questions.

  1. What was the name of the apartments where President and Mrs. Carter lived in the early 1950’s?


  1. What was Jimmy Carter’s income in 1953? How much higher was it by the end of the year?


Continue walking down Paschal Street and turn left before the “Dead End/Do Not Enter” signs. This is Thomas Street. Walk along Thomas Street until it intersects U.S. Highway 280 (Church Street). Care-fully cross the street and go to the plains United Methodist Church cornerstone. Answer the following question here.

  1. Rosalynn Carter grew up in the Methodist Church in Plains. She and Jimmy Carter were married there. In what year was the current church building constructed?


Cross U.S. Highway 280 (Church Street) and turn left. Walk on the sidewalk till you get to the wayside exhibit on the Carter compound. The wooden fence begins their property. Please do not climb on or over the wooden fence. This is Jimmy and Rosalynn’s private residence. Read the wayside exhibit to answer the next questions.

  1. In what year did the Carter’s move into their present home?


  1. What size is the home and lot on which it sits?


Continue walking down U.S. Highway 280 (Church Street). The gray house on the Carter Compound is the Secret Service headquarters. Walk on the sidewalk until it ends and the cross the street very carefully. Walk on the shoulder of the road. Please do not go into the field on the left. It is private property. Continue walking until you get to Old Plains Highway/Archery Road. Turn left and continue walking along the left side of the road on the shoulder. The white house on the left was Jimmy Carter’s residence from 1955-1962. It is believed to be the oldest house in Sumter County. Turn right on the pave road leading into the cemetery. You will find questions 35 & 36 in the cemetery. Please do not step on the graves. Remember a Scout is Courteous.

  1. Look for the grave of James Earl Carter (Jimmy Carter’s father). When was he born?


  1. Find the grave of Burr Thomas Wise. What was his occupation?


Continue walking along Archery Road until you get to Jimmy Carter’s Boyhood Farm. Restrooms, a public telephone, and a water fountain are located at the end of this road for your convenience. You will also find a park bulletin board. Wayside exhibits are located along the trails throughout the farm. There are various audio programs for your enjoyment and information. Push the buttons and listen to President Carter as he recalls his early life on the farm. You should have no problem finding the answers to the next 5 questions in the information provided for visitors to this site.

  1. Which particular crop was “Miss” Lillian responsible for and provided her with ‘spending” money?


  1. Between the house and store is a feature that shows a sport that young jimmy and his father played. What was the sport?


  1. In 1935, what power was harnessed to pump water into the Carter home?


  1. Who did Jimmy Carter stay with when his parents were away from home?


  1. Although Jimmy Carter helped in the black-smith shop, who did the majority of the more difficult jobs?


Begin walking back the way you came on Archery Road. Walk back on U.S. Highway 280 and continue until you reach South Hudson Street. Turn right and proceed to the Plains Depot. The Depot is located on the corner of Main Street and South Hudson Street. Go inside the depot and answer the next 7 questions.

  1. What railroad company did the Depot serve?


  1. What slogan about a facial feature of Mr. Carter’s was used in the campaign?


  1. What was the date of the Time Magazine issue that featured Governor Jimmy Carter of Georgia on its cover?


  1. Why did Mr. Carter choose green and white for his campaign colors?


  1. Why was the Depot selected as the initial headquarters for Jimmy Carter’s campaign?


  1. According to the local newspaper, the Americus Times Recorder, edition for inauguration day was January 20, 1977. What were President Carter’s first words as President?


  1. According to the same newspaper article, how long did Mr. Carter’s only Inaugural speech last?

Cross Hudson Street to answer the next question.

  1. What kind of animal is buried in this area? What was the animal’s name?


Cross the railroad tracks to the park area where there are several monuments, flags and markers.

  1. A time Capsule is buried in this area. When was it buried and when will it be opened?


  1. How many acres of land in Alaska were protected for future generations during Mr. Carter’s presidency? (Answer is in the park brochure/guide)


Cross Main Street and walk along the stores away from the Depot.

  1. What is the current name of the store that used to be the Carter’s warehouse?

Congratulation! You have just completed the Jimmy Carter Historical Hike. Mail you completed answer form to Troop 27 to qualify for purchase of the patch.
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