Jim Baen's Universe Vol 1 Num 4: Dec 2006

What about the old episodes?

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What about the old episodes?

All past episodes of The Future And You will remain available for your downloading pleasure for many, many years to come (at least if your host has anything to say about it). Here are a few randomly selected items from past episodes which you may listen to at your whim.

Cryonic SWAT teams, and what you should do before the body of your friend or loved one rots. David Pascal describes what to do in those critical hours between an unexpected death and cryosuspension. February 25, 2006 Episode

Gary Jones of Stargate SG-1: A celebrity interview. December 15, 2005 Episode

David Drake, who reads and translates ancient Latin for fun and relaxation, discusses lessons from antiquity; similarities between the USA and ancient Rome; and one of the host's favorite British miniseries: I Claudius. Stephen also asks David how he thinks the USA might meet its eventual and inevitable end. After all, someday the USA, like the Roman Empire, will no longer exist. August 1, 2006 Episode

Spider Robinson suggests that our next earth might be better than this one. He also admits that faster-than-light travel is impossible, but he's quick to point out that, as humans, impossible is what we do best. April 8, 2006 Episode

Joe Haldeman feels that computers wired directly into the human brain may sweep the developed world as quickly as cell phones since those without them will be at a competitive disadvantage. He also mentions that nanotechnological invisibility is being developed at MIT where he teaches. January 15, 2006 Episode

Robin Curtis worked with Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner as she played the Vulcan Starfleet officer Lieutenant Saavik in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock as well as (the host's favorite of the Star Trek movies) Star Trek IV: The Journey Home. A celebrity interview. February 11, 2006 Episode

Toni Weisskopf (the new head of Baen Books) describes what direction Baen Books will take into the future after the tragic loss of its visionary founder: Jim Baen. November 1, 2006 Episode

John Ringo makes a serious case for his conviction that global warming is a scientific hoax perpetrated by the desperate need of researchers for grant money, sustained through academic coercion, and fed to an accepting public by media outlets locked in an endless competition for the most sensational headline. August 1, 2006 Episode

Greg Bear warns that, once we all have our brains wired (or wifi'ed) directly into the internet we'd better have powerful firewalls protecting us from hackers, because anyone who doesn't may have to spend a lot of time with their brain in the shop. May 1, 2006 Episode

Jason's mother (the axe-murdering, Mrs. Voorhees) from the movie Friday The 13th. A celebrity interview with Betsy Palmer. January 15, 2006 Episode

Alan Dean Foster, author and world traveler, on the likelihood of technological immortality, why cryonics is better than cremation, and whether or not ecological preserves without armed enforcement against poachers have a meaningful future. November 1, 2006 Episode

Travis S. Taylor, who has discovered two planets which orbit stars other than our sun, talks about exoplanets and the anticipated discovery of many new earths. He also describes how amateur astronomers can now discover these extrasolar planets using off-the-shelf, store-bought equipment. July 1, 2006 Episode

Nancy Kress explains the growing controversy over the genetic engineering of crops, or as they call them in Europe "FrankenFoods." January 15, 2006 Episode

Erin Gray, the actress who played Colonel Wilma Deering in the TV series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century as well as Kate Summers in the TV series Silver Spoons. A celebrity interview. February 25, 2006 Episode

David Brin is convinced we are making dangerous mistakes in how we're conducting the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and describes his own answer to the puzzle of why the universe seems so completely empty of intelligent life: a situation often referred to as the Fermi Paradox. February 25, 2006 Episode

Kim Stanley Robinson, a self-proclaimed science patriot, answers the host's question: is it possible for political science to become an actual science rather than a pretend science as it is now (one that embraces the scientific method)? November 1, 2006 Episode

Robert A. Heinlein passed away in 1988, yet his name will appear on a brand new novel due out in September of 2006. This novel is a collaborative effort between the late legend and a younger, newer talent: one of Mister Heinlein's greatest fans: the award winning author, Spider Robinson. I asked Spider how this unusual collaboration came to be. (Following his interview, as an added bonus, you will hear the title song from Spider's CD, "Belaboring the Obvious," which he wrote for his wife, Jeanne, eleven years ago while she was away in a Buddhist monastery for three months.) February 25, 2006 Episode

Pugsley and Wednesday Addams from the beloved old TV show, The Addams Family. A double celebrity interview with Ken Weatherwax and Lisa Loring. January 28, 2006 Episode

And what is to come for future episodes?

For that, Dear Reader, I ask that you return to this column on a regular basis. Many interviews are already recorded, many have been agreed to, and many are being pursued with enthusiasm and diligence. To me, and I hope to you too, the future has never looked so fascinating.

Listen to Steve's podcast at http://www.thefutureandyou.com.

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