Jfk inaugural Address Activity

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JFK Inaugural Address Activity

  1. Distribute copies of JFK’s inaugural address. Assign students into 5 groups. Each group will have one question to focus on. Students should read along while the CD of JFK’s speech is played.

  1. Students should meet in groups to discuss the question they were assigned. They should jot down specific quotes from the speech that answer their question. They should also brainstorm answers to question 6.

  1. Questions:

Group 1 – What specific problems were facing society?

Group 2 - What goals did Kennedy set?

Group 3 – What specific groups did Kennedy speak to? Who did he allude to?

Group 4 – How long did JFK think it would take to achieve his goals?

Group 5 – According to JFK, who holds the greatest responsibility for success?

All groups should look for specific passages in the speech that address their question.

Question 6 (all groups) – JFK most famous passage from the speech is “…ask not what your country can do for you, askwhat you can do for your country”. What things can you do as a High School student for the good of our country?

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