Jewel in the crown

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Critical Reading British Imperialism in India

pp. 791 – 795

    1. sepoy

    1. “jewel in the crown”

    1. Sepoy Mutiny

    1. Raj

  1. After 1757 what was the leading power in India?

  1. Why was India seen as having so much potential for the British?

  1. What kinds of unfair restrictions did the British impose on Indians?

  1. Why did India become economically valuable only after railroads were built?

  1. Please list two positive and two negative impacts of colonialism on India

  1. The word “mutiny” means “a rebellion against a legal authority by soldiers” and has a negative connotation. Why do you think some people aren’t comfortable calling the rebellion by sepoys a “mutiny”?

  1. Explain two results of the seapoy mutiny.

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