Jesus will return when the angels said, Maryam, your Lord gives

Jesus (as) Communicates the Message, and Some of the Difficulties He Faced

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Jesus (as) Communicates the Message, and Some of the Difficulties He Faced

At the time Jesus (as) was sent, the people of Israel were in complete turmoil, both in the political and the economic sense. On one hand, there were the cruel conditions inflicted on the public and, on the other, dissenting beliefs and sects made life difficult. Under such conditions, people desperately needed a way out.

The Messiah people waited for so long was Jesus (as). By the will of Allah, Jesus (as) spoke when he was still in the cradle and thus indicated to people that the Messiah they expected had arrived. From then on, many placed their hopes in him for guidance.

Yet, there were also some people who avoided accepting Jesus (as). Supporters of the system of disbelief of his time, especially, considered him merely a threat to their existence. That is why they made plans to kill him as soon as they heard about him. To their dismay, however, their plans were doomed to failure from the beginning. Still, this did not stop them being avowed enemies of Jesus (as) throughout his mission.

Nevertheless, those who reacted against him were not limited to disbelievers. During that period, for various reasons, a majority of the rabbis took sides against Jesus (as) asserting that he was abolishing their religion, and of course by that they became disbelievers because of their opposition to a Messenger of Allah. What Jesus (as) did, in reality, was only to summon people to the original way, and eliminate the false rules introduced into Judaism by the rabbis themselves. The people of Israel distorted their religion by prohibiting what was allowed by the original revelation and allowing what was prohibited by it. In this way, they changed the true way revealed by Allah entirely. Upon this, Allah sent Jesus (as) to purify the true religion of all the innovations incorporated into it at a later stage. Jesus (as) called his people to the Injil, which confirmed the original Torah (Tawrah) revealed to Musa (as). The relevant verse in the Qur'an is:

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