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This would eliminate a lot of

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This would eliminate a lot of conflict in churches. If we spent less time promoting our own agenda and more time looking out for the needs of others, there wouldn’t be church squabbles. Nor would there be a shortage of volunteers. Nor would there be any financial shortfalls. When we put the needs of others ahead of our own, that includes serving others. That also includes giving financially even if it means cutting back on our own spending to do so. It means evaluating our experience of church, our experience on Sunday morning, not in terms of what we like or don’t like, not in terms of what we get out of it, or if we are blessed, but in terms of whether or not others are blessed. Maybe there is something on Sunday we don’t like, but instead of making that our criteria for judging Sunday, we think about whether or not that thing we don’t like is a blessing to others. If so, then we’re happy that it’s part of Sunday morning because it blesses others.

This affects our home lives too as well as our work lives.

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