Jesus the King: Exalted

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“Jesus the King: Exalted”

Philippians 2:3-13

May 4, 2014

Rev. David Williams

Scripture: Philippians 2:3-13



We are starting a new mini-series on Jesus, examining what it means that Jesus is King. This series follows on the resurrection though. Jesus’ kingship is related to his exaltation which began at the resurrection. We are going to look at a famous passage in Philippians taken from chapter 2.

Paul wrote to Philippi from prison. The Christians in Philippi were beginning to experience persecution from the Romans in the city. We’ve mentioned a few times over the past few weeks that Philippi was a Roman colony intended to bring Roman culture to the region. One reason why the Christians were facing persecution was Christians say Jesus is Lord while the Romans said Caesar is Lord. This lead to significant friction between the Christians and the Romans around them.

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