Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, And Today, And Forever

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SC-110 Now, I couldn't do that myself. That's your faith too. No matter how much faith I had, you got to have faith also. See? And your faith touched Him, and with the gift that He give me, just speaks back His Words to you. See?

Now, I'm quoting His Words out of the Bible. "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick they shall recover." Now, I want each one of you... Don't pray for yourself, 'cause the person that's got their hands on you is praying for you. You pray for them.

Now, I want you to pray the way you do in your church. You just start praying now, for that person, saying, "Lord God, I'm a believer. I know that You're present. I'm laying my hands upon my neighbor here, and I want them to be healed." And they're praying for you, and I'm going to pray for each one of you.

SC-111 Our heavenly Father, we are approaching now again after the service to see that You do all things well. We believe this week that the crippled, lame, blind, halt, maimed will be cured by Your power, and will be made whole. Sinners' hearts will be washed by the Blood of Jesus Christ. Unbelief will fade away and to a great revival of power of God, the Son of God...

And now, these believers here have their hands on each other. And Jesus, Who is omnipresent, and's proven that You're here in this auditorium tonight... You are here. We have hands laid on each other, and I'm praying for them; they're praying for one another. And now, Father, we come to believe that You're going to make every sickness vanish from this place, every sick person to be healed.

SC-112 Satan, we turn to you--you great, smart, educated, philosopher, deceiver, trying to contradict the Word of God. The Word's been made manifest. We come to meet your challenge in the Name of Jesus Christ, Who was crucified, died, rose again the third day, triumphed over every devil, every demon, every powers that you ever had, stripped you from every legal right you had, 'cause He paid the price, and bought His church back by redemption. And tonight we are a redeemed people, and you've lost the battle.

Come out of this people. In the Name of Jesus Christ, leave them. Holy hands of believers is placed upon other believers, and you've lost the battle, and Christ is here to prove Hisself raised from the dead after two thousand years and still alive forevermore. We adjure thee by the living God, leave this people. Come out of them in the Name of Christ.

SC-113 Every man and every woman, every believer now, with your hands on each other, shut in, believe. Christ is near now. You seen Him moving in the platform, out in the audience by His infallible Word. The prayer of faith has been prayed by the same channel that He spoke through, taking human lips and moving, the Almighty God revealing, showing Himself that He's the same yesterday, today, and forever.

You're not amongst a bunch of unbelievers. You're not a bunch of intellectual people. You're setting amongst saints, godly, risen with Christ, setting in heavenly places. Holy men and women have their hands laid upon you, praying the prayer of faith. Satan is defeated in the Name of Jesus Christ. The Blood's been pleaded.

Now, break above you, by faith, that darkness that would make you doubt one thing of God's Presence, and your healing will be sure. Do it now, while we keep our heads bowed, shut in with Him.

SC-114 And we want to sing, if the organist will give us a little tune there, a little chord. "I love Him, I love Him, because He first loved me." Keep your heads bowed now, your eyes closed. Worship Him now. Keep your hands on your--your neighbor. Keep your hands on your neighbor now, shut in with Christ.

Every requirement has been made, just like you went and confessed your sins and was standing over the water, and some godly minister had you by the hand, was going to baptize you: same thing. The Word is being made real, manifest.

You said we'd love to see Jesus. He's proved Himself among you. I saw Him. You saw Him. I felt Him. You felt Him. Here He is. He's here.

I love Him, I love Him, (Every one, now singing)

Because He first loved me,

And purchased my salvation (Never pass again)

On Cal... (Salvation for your soul or body, where?) On Calvary's tree. (Again now, all your heart.)

I love Him, I love (Feel His Presence? His healing virtues coming into you because you believe Him?)

... first loved me,

And purchased my salvation

On Calvary's tree.

Now, while we hum it.

I love Him, I love Him, (That's His Presence with you.)

... 'cause He first loved... (Now, what has He done here? Purchased your healing. What did He do?)

And purchased my salvation

On Calvary's tree.

SC-115 Now, while the organ's continually playing, you that feel in your heart that faith... No matter how you feel. It's not how you feel, you know, physically. It's your faith. You feel in your heart that God has been so present with you till you have seen--seen His Word that's been preached, made manifest, know that beyond the shadow of doubt that the great supernatural Christ that raised from the dead two thousand years ago is still alive tonight and right here in His church. And we're near the end time.

If you're not a Christian, and you'd want to become a Christian, would you just stand up on your feet and say, "I want to accept Him as my Saviour." Would you stand up, those who would want to do that at this time? I love Him. If He can come here, and know the secret of the heart, and make His Word so real that no one can doubt it, it's right here before us.

SC-116 I'm looking at two people that ought to raised up. Now, you just... God bless you. All right. God bless you. Just stand up, young fellow. All right. Someone else now, stand up, say, "I stand myself to make a witness. I want to accept Him as my Saviour. I want Him. While I'm this close to Him, His Presence are here, I want Him for my Saviour."

Someone else? Come on now. God bless you, young fellow. That's good. Stand up on your feet and say, "I want to... I want to accept It. I want to make a show that--that... I want to prove I'm ready to stand for Him." Someone in the balcony? It's kind of dark up in the top there. Believe with all your heart.

If you're not a Christian, will you accept Him in His Presence? Come on now. You know that you feel that you should do it. Raise up. All right. Now, all that wants to accept Him as... God bless you. God bless you, sister. Wonderful. That's good--a better Christian. How many will raise their hands to that? "I want to be a better Christian." God bless you. That's sweet, very sweet.

SC-117 See, you get that foundation. And God, seeing that we're trying to win souls to Him, that'll make Him come back tomorrow night with a double portion of it (You see?), as we prove to Him that we're sincere in trying to do all we can, believing what He's done for us. Do you believe what... It's been God that's doing these things? We want to accept It, embrace It with all of our heart, and say, "Lord Jesus, I love you."

Now, if you'll just keep believing that, you'll see things happen that you never thought would happen. See? You just watch what takes place. Just get on the phone somewhere and get somebody coming.

SC-118 Now, all of you, I want you that this young man who stood up back there to accept Christ as His Saviour. I want some of you Christians to be sure that that young man gets to the minister right away and gets ready, 'cause--for the baptism, and whatevermore, to receive the Holy Ghost now.

And all you now that believe that in the Presence of Christ, that you accept Him as your Healer, I want you to stand up. If you've had hands on one another, somebody's had hands on you, and you believe that you can accept Him as your Healer, stand up to your feet at this time. Just see what kind of faith that you can prove to God that, "I believe." That's right. Thank the Lord. Good. Amen. That's wonderful.

SC-119 Listen, little church, you keep that kind of faith moving, and get out around here and do some work.

Now, each one of you be a preacher. Get somebody. Now, don't you... How many feels good, and feel fresh after you've accepted It? Just raise your hands. See, it's just the acts of God, God doing this. I love Him with all my heart. Now, all together now, let's sing:

I (Now let's raise our hands while we do it.) love Him, I love Him,

Because He (God bless you Brother...?...) first loved...

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