Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, And Today, And Forever

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Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday,

And Today, And Forever

National Guard Armory


SC-1 Thank you, very much. You may be seated. It's been some time since I was in Salem, Oregon, before. And I've always waited with great anticipations on seeing the time to return again to get to visit with the saints of the Lord here who are sojourning in Salem and around.

We do not believe that this is your abiding place, because here we have none. But we're seeking a city to come whose Builder and Maker is God. So we profess that we are pilgrims and strangers here, not strangers with each other, but strangers in the world, because our heritage is of above. And we're had the privilege about two years ago of visiting some of our friends over in Oregon here, around Klamath Falls. And such a wonderful time we had.

We bring you greetings from the others around the different parts of the world that's sojourning too. And this our--my ninth straight meeting. Kind of come to you a little bit tired, but always ready to serve the Lord in any capacity that I can.

SC-2 Now, we have fine--five glorious meetings scheduled: tonight, tomorrow night, and on till Sunday afternoon. I think Sunday afternoon is our closing service in the campaign. We want to thank you all for calling us here, the sponsorship, for all who is cooperating for this lovely building. And everything is made so nice. I think, humanly speaking, that we're have every--you've done everything real well.

Now, the next thing it will take... We just never come to see each other--which we did, in one sense, to see each other, but yet we come to worship the Lord, and to try to do something for His Kingdom. And now, it's going to take every speck of effort we can put forth to do it. And it's going to... Now, this is the meeting that we have set for the Kingdom of God, and it's every Christian's duty to do their part, as much as they possibly can, to see that it's a great success for the Kingdom.

SC-3 Now, many times we ministers, we, with different organizations, and so forth, but we're all pressing for one great place. Every soul that we can direct that way, that's what we're doing. And we know now the laity has also a great opportunity now for them to do their part of the ministry. Each one of you has to be a preacher, and that is, to tell somebody else, to get the sick and the afflicted in, and get the sinners in. And we'll sow the seed of God, and play--pray that God will rain down the Holy Spirit upon it, and bring forth a great crop of souls during this meeting.

That's our first intention is to win souls; secondly, to the up-building of God's people, the church; thirdly, prayer for the sick; and to do anything that lays in our power to help make life a little better for you, and the journey a little--the burdens a little lighter.

SC-4 And we hope that when we leave, and the meeting is broke up, there'll be--the whole city will be benefited, everybody, make it a little--a place that's a little easier to do right, a little harder to do wrong. That--that's what we want to leave that when we leave the city.

We want to report up and down the coast in these meetings we've had over here, has been glorious. The Lord has blessed us; the places was packed out and... And we've seen two meetings... The last two meetings were just about completely... Every wheelchair, stretcher case, whatever it was, was delivered by the--by the Lord--about every one that come to the meeting. We were so thankful to report that to those who are looking for healing for themselves and their loved ones. And also that many has been saved, and filled with the Holy Spirit, and churches has been blessed.

And when we feel a doing that, we feel that we're putting forth our little part to help the Kingdom of God. And we're here, brethren, with you brethren here. I appreciate your kindness of inviting me over, and having me here.

SC-5 And I'm come now to--to do this: Jesus said the Kingdom of heaven is like a man that took a net and went to the sea. And he pulled the net, and what he took... Now, I know that each one of you in your churches have a net, and you're just swinging it all around your neighborhood trying to get every fish that you can. Now, I come to sow my net with your-all, and we'll reach way out around us (See?), everywhere and see if we can't pull in something for the Kingdom of God. That's what we're here for: to do everything that we can to--to help.

Now, it's... I think it's basic interdenomination. Everybody's welcome, the Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, whatever it might be, sinner, saint, anybody, even to the drunk if he will behave hisself and set still. He's just as welcome to come as anybody, but he must behave. He must--he must respect the house of the Lord.

SC-6 We're grateful for this armory, or the major, or whoever it was that let us have this lovely building. I think it's beautiful. I was over here today looking at it, trying the acoustics, and speaking. And all around was just perfect. And can you hear me all right everywhere now?

You know, people is a aerial. And it's kind of hard when you take an empty building and speak, and then fill the building up with people and speak. It's quite a difference. And so now sometimes in speaking I get just a little loud, because I'm an evangelist, missionary, and been used to preaching where there's just fields, or stadium, outside, where you're sometimes with no microphone. You just have to scream out like you were yelling at cattle. But I don't mean it that way, and I--I'm sure you'll understand.

SC-7 And now usually the first night of a meeting is rather a hard night, because everybody is trying to get used to one another. And--and some are under expectation; some are wondering; and some never been in the meeting before; and some of them has heard, and--and then they draw their opinion. The first thing the minister usually says strikes home with somebody, others don't want nothing to do with it. And you have all that to combat with.

But let's not be suspicious of one another. I'm believing that you're the children of God. I want you to believe me to be the same, that I'm your brother, and I'm here to help you. Now, I'm--I'm a southerner, and I haven't got away from my talk yet, and as much as I've traveled of being just a little bit slow. So you bear with me, because I just can't think of it too fast, you know, and I just have to wait for Him to tell me. And so you bear with me, pray for me. And I'll do the same of pray for you.

SC-8 Now, I thought tonight we have a little introductory message that we kind of introduce the meeting by, just a little formal talk. And that way we get to kinda learn each other, get the--the feeling of each other. Then we settle right down then into the meeting.

And now, I want you to do this for me. I want you to... There's... We got plenty of seats. Usually, in the meetings we've been having, all the way from the Cow Palace up, has been people couldn't get a seat. Last place we was at they was standing. And place was packed out five o'clock in the afternoon. You couldn't get near it. And so now, we got plenty of seats.

And I know people here in Oregon go to church, and they're fine people. And God's people everywhere are fine. And we would like to see, do your part now to the Kingdom of God, because the responsibility is not altogether on your pastors or on me. It's on all of us to honor God. And now, you do your part. We'll do ours. Between it'll, I believe it'll be a great thing, and that's what we're looking for.

SC-9 I believe in the coming of the Lord Jesus. I believe in the physical return of Christ. I believe it's real close at hand. I believe we're near that time now. Now, no one knows when He's going to come, not even the Angels. He said the Father only knew that. So then, we don't know, but we have signs that we're looking to, to know that when these things begin to happen that the time is getting near. So we certainly can see some mighty convincing signs now, that--that the time is near.

SC-10 And so I believe this sponsorship is Pentecostal brethren. I am one too. But we want you to know that Pentecost, to you Methodist, Baptist, and Presbyterian, we believe you Pentecostal too. See, Pentecost is not an organization; Pentecost is an experience that we all can have. See? Whether you're a Catholic, or Baptist, or Presbyterian, whatever you are, Pentecost is an experience, and it's for whosoever wants it. That's right. And it's everyone. I have so many...

I come out of a Baptist church. Still have fellowship, wonderful meetings for them, and I have Episcopalian, Presbyterian, formerly background Catholic in my family. I'm Irishman. And so through there God has never questioned anybody on the platform, praying for them, "Now, you'll have to change from Methodist to Baptist." That isn't the idea.

You know, I'm an old man. I'm fifty-three years old. I've been with the Branham family all these years. And you know, they've never asked me to join the family. Yeah. Strange, but I believe I was borned a Branham. And so that's the way we believe we're Christians. You see? We--we--we think we ought to join some church and have fellowship. But really, to be a Christian is to be borned a Christian, a borned again experience to being a Christian.

SC-11 And now, let me just again, before I take a text, is to say we pray for the sick. Now, there may be doctors setting here. And doctor, I didn't come to take your patients. I come to pray for your patients. See? I--I believe that Divine healing has been one of the most overlooked subjects. And then, there's been so much also on Divine healing that has went out under the name of Divine healing, that should've never went out, which we realize that. In church, salvation, been much of it went out, oh, kind of a intellectual religion, that just join the church like a lodge, and let it all go. We don't believe that. We believe you've got to be born again. We believe you have to be a Christian by birth.

And I believe there's many things went out under Divine healing, the auspices of Divine healing, or called that, and it would--there would be everything else but Divine healing: all kinds of sensations, and--and so forth.

SC-12 But I'll make myself clear (This is being taped.), that I believe that every redemptive blessing that goes to the human race has already been paid for, and belongs to you. See? That He was wounded for our transgressions. With His stripes we were healed. It's a past tense. I believe that when Jesus Christ, the Son of God died at Calvary, He purchased our salvation, and every sin in the world was paid for.

Now, it will never do you no good till you accept it as your own personal property. But if you try to just say, "Well, He forgives sins." Yes, the mercy of Christ, the death of Christ atones for the sins, the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world. But you have to accept Him as your Saviour, or it'll never do you good.

By His stripes we were healed. Therefore, there's no man could ever save a soul or heal a sick person. It's already been done in Calvary. I believe Calvary paid the price. Jesus Christ on Calvary paid the price.

SC-13 Now, I believe if you would come under the teaching of your pastor, and believe on the Lord Jesus, and accept Him as your Saviour, I believe you'll be saved. That's right. And I believe that when you hear the Word of God preached, and say that it's the--that He was wounded for our transgressions, with His stripes we were healed, and will accept it upon those basis, that's the way it's done. For He is a High Priest, right now, that's making intercessions upon our confession.

See, first we accept it, and confess He has done it. And then He can go to work in His great priesthood as a High Priest to make intercessions upon our confession of what He did for us at Calvary. That's--that's agreed, isn't it, brethren? Yes. See, that He--that what He did for us at Calvary, we first accept it, believe it, confess it, and then He's the High Priest to make good what we're confessing He done. See? That's for healing or salvation.

Now, I believe that God can do anything that He desires to do, because He's God. But I like for it to just come out of the Bible, then I know I'm right. I believe the Bible to be the infallible Word of God. I do not believe it should be added to or taken from.

SC-14 Now, as a child, a little boy, mother and father both Irish, when I felt that call of God, I went down to the church, and the priest tells me that salvation is in the church. Well, then I come to find out from my friends that belonged to different churches, which one of them churches has salvation in it then? See? If the Catholic would be right, then the Lutheran surely's wrong. If the Lutheran's right, then there's something wrong with the Baptists. So which one of them churches would be right?

After searching, trying to find out, digging, and whatever I could do, I came to find out that God is in His Word, and the Word is right. God will not judge the world by a church, but by the Word, for I see over in the Book of Revelation it said, "Whosoever shall take one part away or add anything to it, the same will be taken out of his part of the Book of Life." Then I believe it's infallible, that it must be kept just the way it's written.

I believe it's of no private interpretation. I believe that God has watched over it, and it's just exactly the way: that He will judge the world by this Book. Now, He's got to have a standard somewhere to judge the world by. So the church will be judged by the Word.

SC-15 Here's how I--I think it's infallible. It's so infallible, till even when Eve, not disbelieving, but listening to a little reasoning against it, caused every death, and every sorrow, and every heartache. That's what she did.

I believe that Lot's wife, as she was commanded by the Angel not to look back, and she turned and looked back, and she stands today a pillar of salt, because she just misbelieved God's Word that much.

Now, she had a better reason than you and I have. See, her children, and her grandchildren were burning up in the judgments of God. And the screams of her own children, and her grandchildren, and a mother's heart crying out just disobeyed God's Word enough to look over her shoulder, and there she turned.

See, I believe the Word must be just exactly the way it's written: just that. Will you believe it with me? Upon that basis, let's settle ourselves now to the Word and speak of the Word. Let us pray now as we bow our heads.

With our bowed heads, there's surely many requests in the building. Sincerely before God, if you have a request that you'd like God to do during time of this meeting, raise up your hand to Him now and say, "By this, God, I want You to remember me. I have a loved one that wants to be saved. I've got sickness, or something."

SC-16 Our heavenly Father, we are approaching Thy throne of grace. We would not want to come by the throne of justice, for we could not stand there. We could not come by the throne of judgment. We could not stand there. Justly, we should be condemned because we are of the world, Adam's fallen race. But we're coming by the throne of mercy.

And Jesus, when He was on earth, said, "If you'll ask the Father anything in My Name, it'll be granted." And I'm asking now first, Lord, pardoning of all of our transgressions against Thy commandments. Forgive us, Lord, every one. We pray for our minister brothers, for their congregations, for the sins of the city, and of the nation, of the people everywhere.

God, I pray for my own sins. And we know that sin originally is unbelief. He that believeth not is condemned already. And it's unbelief that causes us to commit the immoral crimes that we do. And if we only believe, we would not do those things. So I pray, Father, that You'll forgive our unbelief, and will come to each of us tonight, and bestow upon us the faith that'll answer the request that we have below our hands. Grant it, Lord, that's in our heart.

SC-17 We have come here by feeling led of Your Spirit. Satan warred against to try to keep us from coming, but that's why I believe the much more that there's something in store for us. And we're pressing the battle tonight, and You have opened the way.

Now, Father, may we all catch the vision and remember what we have asked, and there press forward with our petition. And I'm laying mine upon the altar of sacrifice tonight, my prayer, my faith, all upon Your golden altar where our sacrifice, Christ, lays with the prayer and request of all these people. And together we ask for a great outpouring of Your Spirit. Lord, do the exceeding abundantly above all that we could do or think. May it be poured out upon this meeting, Lord.

And when it's over, may there be an old fashion revival break out throughout the country here, and the churches all be on fire for God, souls being saved, and people healed, and glory brought to the Kingdom of God. Over this prayer, with these others laying upon Your golden altar, we ask over them the Name of Jesus Christ, that You'll answer us according to Thy great mercy. Amen.

SC-18 Don't forget each service. And I believe that my son told me when I got in the back out here, that there was a ministerial breakfast in the morning. Is that right? In the morning... Very fine, I--I always love to meet my brethren and--and get to talk with them a little while, and get acquainted, and renew acquaintance. And now, everyone remember now, let's do our part.

And now, I don't know what time you people usually close your services here. And sometimes... I'm a missionary. And usually we just have to hit it when we can and stay as long as we possibly can. And--and I've been keeping the people a little late, not like I do when I'm at home.

I was at my home recently, and (I hope I don't scare you.) I preached a little short service: six hours. But that was just a short one. But... And but I hope I don't do that here, but usually about forty-five minutes, or something like that, and then we... If we're going to have prayer line... And so now you pray for me now as we closing now for the Word.

SC-19 Now, this is just a little formal message that we usually base the first night. And then from there on then we just see what the Lord will grant to us.

In Saint John 12:20 we read these words:

And there were certain Greeks among them, that came up to... the feast:

The some came to Philip which was of Bethsaida of Galilee, and desired him, saying Sirs, we would see Jesus.

Saint John 12:20... In Hebrews the 13th chapter--and the 13th chapter, and the--the 8th verse:

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, to day, and for ever.

SC-20 Now, there's a great statement: Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever. Now, these Greeks were just as hungry as anyone. Their desire, they had heard of Jesus and they wanted to see Jesus. And I don't believe that anyone can ever hear about Jesus but what longs to see Him. Is that right? Now, if I say something, you say, "Amen," that won't scare me a bit. It'll encourage me. Now, how many here would love to see Jesus? Let's see your hand. We would love to see Him.

Now, as I have just made my statements, I believe the Word to be the Truth. Now, these Greeks came desiring to see Jesus, and got to do it by one of His servants. Well now, if He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and we desire to see Him, what about it? See? There it puts God's Word to a showdown. See?

If we desire to see Him, and He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, and one of God's servants brought these Greeks in the Presence of Jesus, then we should have the same thing today if He is the same. Now, we believe it, that He is the same as He was then.

SC-21 Now, how would we know Him if we saw Him? Now, if we were going to say, "Well now, how would He part His hair? Did He have long curls down to His shoulders? Did He have red hair? Was it blond? Did He have hair at all? Was--was He bald-headed? Was He--was He a blue-eyed, brown-eyed? Was He a large man, small man?" Why, we'd just discuss that all hours, and each one have a different opinion. So we couldn't meet on them basis.

Well then, what if I'd say we go out here in the city tonight, and we'd find a man that we could actually find nail scars in his hands, both hands, and thorn prints around here, and a scar in his side just under his heart, and he would be wearing a robe, and--and meet our specifications, still that could be that...

Really, if we picked that such a person, it wouldn't be Jesus. At His second coming, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess. And when He--His corporal body returns to the earth, It'll be like the sun shining from the east to the west. You believe that? Sure. It wouldn't be.

SC-22 How would we know Jesus then? The way I think that we would know Him would be by His nature, what He was. Now, if I go to asking, "Does the Baptist believe it's their church? Presbyterian?"


Catholic? Yes. Protestant, so... Jewish? Yeah Or what... Not Jewish, 'cause they don't believe in the Lord Jesus being the Son of God. But our different Pentecostal brethren, the different organizations of them, they'd say, "Yes, it's in ours; It's in ours," and so forth. But now, let's just say that's good; that's in all of them. Let's just believe it.

But now, surely, there's so much difference that there ought to be some way to declare positive what He is (See?), for the Bible said He is the same.

SC-23 So one of them say, "We believe in saying the--repeating prayers." The other one has the Doxology. The other has a certain creed that they go by. One says, "I believe if you speak with tongues, that would be Him."

The other one said, "I believe if you danced in the Spirit, that'll be Him." And we have all kinds of sensations and everything else.

But... And then, in that there's such a disagreement. One will say, "Well, I don't believe you do this," and the other one say, "Don't..." But there ought to be some way that we could come to a spot to know really who He is, and what He is. See, there ought to be somewhere. See?

One say, "Well, I shouted," the other say, "I danced in the Spirit," the other say, "I spoke with tongues." Those things are fine. They're all right. But yet (See?), it causes a--a difference. One say, "I got it this way," one say, "I got it crying," another say, "I got it with chills, shaking," another one say, "I seen a light," and the other... See, there's so much difference. There ought to be some way that we would know sure, so there'd be no question in our mind. And the Bible said He's the same. So there ought to be some way of knowing. Don't you think so? I think there ought to be some way of knowing it.

SC-24 Now, I don't believe that the Bible said those things, and made those promises without being able to fulfill it. Don't you believe that? Abraham, whose seed we are... If we be in Christ, we're Abraham's seed. And Abraham was fully persuaded (Romans 4) that He was able to--to keep, or to perform, that which He had promised to do. And if God makes a promise and doesn't stand behind it, then He's not God. And if He makes a promise, He's able to stand behind it or He'd never make the promise.

Now, I'm--I'm finite, and He's infinite. So He cannot make a mistake. I can. You can. Our brethren can. We can all make mistakes. We're finite. Today, if I don't know more than I did last year, I'm not progressing any. But God cannot progress, because He's perfect to begin with. And every decision is perfect.

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