Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, And Today, And Forever

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SC-77 Are we strangers and never met each other before? If it is, raise up your hand. We don't know one another. Is that right? We don't know one another? But Jesus knows why you're here. You've come here for some purpose. And I don't know. You know I don't. But He does.

Now, you're conscious that something's going on, but you don't know... It's kind of a real humble-like feeling. It's a... Did you ever see that picture of the Angel of the Lord? That's what's... That's just what It is between you and I. Now, you see It moving? It's a Light.

SC-78 Now, He knows what you're here for. And if He will reveal to me what you're here for, like the woman come to the well with her trouble; go right to your trouble, will you accept Him as your... whatever it is, finances, or--or what... sickness, or your soul condition?

Remember, you can't hide your life from Him. He knows. But I know that you're a Christian, because your spirit is welcome. Now, you're having trouble, and the trouble is in the back. It's in a kidney. And that's diagnosed as cancer. And you're... that's... to die with this cancer. But you've come because that you believe that God would make you well. Is that true?

SC-79 Now, there's Something here that knows you. Isn't that right? And He's able to tell you what it is. Do you believe that it's Him? Then if we'll pray... Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay hands on the sick, they shall recover." Is that true? Then you come here just a moment. Shall we bow our heads.

Our heavenly Father, this shadow, darkness, hanging over the woman, death... But Thou art Life and Light. And as Your servant, I offer this petition to--in her behalf, that in the Name of Jesus the Son of God, Who is present now, that You will heal her. Yet, Lord, she cannot see You, but seeing the same works that You did... That's how they knowed You at Emmaus. You did something that no one else could do but You. And they recognized it to be You. And she recognizes the same, Lord, that it's not her humble brother standing here, but You. And as Your representative, I curse the disease in Jesus' Name, and ask that she would be made well. Amen. God bless you sister. Go happy.

Do you believe now? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Have faith. Don't doubt. Just believe with all your heart.

SC-80 Oh, you have a wonderful faith... [] Oh, after the anointing once strikes, what a condition.

Now, sister, I want you to--to look here just a moment. As our Master said to a woman, "Bring Me a drink." And the apostle said to the man at the gate called Beautiful, "Look on me. Look on us," not that--not as they was. They wanted to worship the man a little later. And he said... []

And now, we...?... probably born many miles apart... [] The first time we've met...?... [] Holy Spirit reveal to me what you're here for, will you believe that I've told you the truth about His resurrection, and will accept Him as your Healer?

For you already are a Christian. Your spirit is welcome. See? If it was an unbeliever, It would know it right quick. But you got a welcome spirit.

Now, not knowing you... Then it would have to be a perfect miracle if God would reveal to me what you're--you're here for. Is that right? One...

SC-81 Now, if the audience is still hearing my voice, the woman seems to be going away from me. I see her walking in her room. She has something in her hand. She drops it. Oh, she's nervous. It's a nervous condition she has. And I see a terrific fall. She's had a fall, and it hurt her neck. And she's slipped...

Doctors has said it's three vertebras, or the cushions in between the vertebras that's been gone out. And it's laying down against the... And it's pinching and hurting, and it's making her extremely nervous. And there's no hope for her outside of God the Creator to put the cushions back.

And I see she has another trouble. It's a tumor. And that tumor is in the female glands. She has tumor in the female glands. THUS SAITH THE LORD.

Those things are true, are they? I do not know what I told you. It wasn't me. That was another--another. Was it every bit true? Every word true. Then if God is telling I've told the truth, then Jesus has risen from the dead, hasn't He?

He said, "Whatever you ask the Father then in My Name, I'll do it." If He's risen from the dead, and nineteen hundred years still proving that He's here, raised from the dead; His Words are true, is it? "Ask what you will and it shall be done unto you." Will you believe this, sister? Then come forward.

SC-82 Our kind heavenly Father, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, realizing that we're standing in Divine Presence of the Almighty God Who made heavens and earth, and dwelt here in a Body called the Lord Jesus, when He testified Himself, "I do nothing except the Father shows Me. And these things that I do shall you also. Even more, because I go to the Father. I'll come again, be with you always, even to the end of the world."

Then I ask in Jesus' Name to the Father, that He will condemn ever what was wrong with this my sister. And I send her from here this afternoon in the Name of Jesus Christ to be well. Amen.

Go on your road rejoicing, sister. It's over. You're healed.

Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."--Ed.] Do you believe? If you can believe (All right.), you can receive. Now, reverent, every one.

Oh, what a--what a time, friends. What a glorious time. Remember, we are... The audience looks fadey. God knows that I'm not a fanatic. I'm telling you the truth. But we are in the Presence of Him Who raised from the dead. He's here. Now, let the Mohammedan doubt.

SC-83 What do you think about it, little lady with the red coat on, setting there? You're suffering from a heart trouble, aren't you, nervous condition? You believe the Lord Jesus would make you well? If you believe with all your heart... The Bible said, "If thou canst believe, thou shalt receive." But... If you can believe, and be made well...

You believe, lady? Are we strangers to each other? We are strangers. I've never seen you in my life.

SC-84 Do you believe, sister? You believe that God would heal you? Setting there weeping, you had ulcers, but the Lord Jesus made you well right then. That's right, isn't it? Stand up on your feet. This lady setting right here with the white coat on, an Angel of God was right around where she was at. And you're healed now. Your ulcers won't bother you no more.

Would you do me a favor? There's a case of sinus setting right next to you. Lay your hand over there and pray too. Lord, Jesus, I pray that you'll heal him also of the sinus, and may he be well. Stand up, my brother, and give praise to God. Your faith makes you whole also. You are healed. Hallelujah.

Jesus the Son of God has raised from the dead. Do you believe back in there? Just have faith.

Oh, how wonderful. He never fails. He's Jesus the Son of God.

SC-85 Now, sister, if you believe with all your heart and will look this a way and just believe... I couldn't heal you. If I could heal you and wouldn't do it, I'd be a brute. If there's anything I could do to help you and wouldn't do it... and you... If that's what you're here for. I do not know. It might be some other trouble. I can't say. But if I could help you and wouldn't do it, I'd be a horrible person, wouldn't I? And I'm your brother.

Now, you're conscious that something's going on, lady. I see something about an appointment you had. And that's to take place Wednesday. You're examined by a doctor, and it's something wrong with your breast. And you're to be operated on this coming Wednesday. That's right. And you believe that Jesus Christ is going to make you well? Come here just a minute then.

Our dear heavenly Father, I pray that in Jesus Name that You'll take away all the disease from our sister, she will recover and be a well person. I ask this in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.

God bless you, sister. Go happy and rejoicing now, believing with all your heart.

SC-86 Now look, audience, just a moment, don't move, please. You disturb... There's someone healed at this side. I couldn't see where it was at. See? Don't move, please. They'll--they'll take me away just in a minute. But don't move.

See, each one of you is a soul; your spirit's here. You're Christians. And we're working in a spiritual realm. The Bible said be reverent. "Be still and know that I am God," He said.

I'm sorry. It happened right in here, but I couldn't see it. Now, be real reverent, and have faith.

How do you do, lady? We're strangers to each other. I don't know you. You don't know me. And I've never seen you in my life. And perhaps, you've never seen me, 'less it was in a meeting somewhere just pass... You--you don't know me? This week's the first time you've ever seen me? Then we're total strangers, aren't we? I don't know you.

SC-87 Now, audience, just a moment. Here's a lady; we've never met. She just seen me when she come here at the meeting. We've never met in our life. She's standing there, a healthy looking woman to me.

There's something wrong. I don't know; God does. But let her be the judge. If God will reveal to me what's wrong, will you believe the truth that Jesus raised from the dead? You'll believe it?

And remember, He's just as willing to heal you as He is to heal her. Don't make any difference. It's just the same. You see people here... You out there with, that's out in the audience; you're being healed. So it doesn't--it doesn't matter to God. If you'll just set and pray, God will grant it.

SC-88 Now, be real reverent and see what the Holy Spirit will say. He might not say one word. I can't tell you. That's up to Him.

Now, sister, not knowing you and knowing that I... You'll have to admit that if the Holy Spirit reveals something to me, that you know that I don't know you, or nothing about you; you know it'll have to be supernatural power.

And now, it depends on what you determine it to be. If you determine it to be wrong, then you'll never receive nothing. But if you determine it to be right, you'll get what you ask for.

But you, you are not here for yourself. You're here for someone else. And it's a woman. And you're packing a handkerchief in your hand for the woman. And that woman is your sister. And she's not in California. She's in way away. I... She's from a place called Alabama. And she's suffering with high blood pressure and heart trouble. Is that right? Then believe.

In the Name of the Lord Jesus, I ask that this be granted through the mercies and merits of our Lord Jesus Christ, to Whom be praise and glory. Amen. God bless you.

Have faith in God. You can receive what you ask for if thou canst only believe.

SC-89 Now, standing right here... To you who know it and seen the picture, here goes the Angel of the Lord, a vision. A woman with her head bowed, she's in prayer. And she's praying that God will speak to me. She's setting right here on the front row, and she's praying about a husband, that she wants him to have a deeper walk with God. THUS SAITH THE LORD. Rise up to you feet, sister, and accept it in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah.

Does thou believe? If you can believe, you will receive what you ask for, for the Holy Ghost is here. Jesus Christ has risen from the dead, and He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. Do you believe it? Have faith in God.

SC-90 Now, the lady standing before me... We are strangers, I suppose, to each other, lady. I have never seen you in my life. We are strangers, are we? If we are, raise up your hand to the audience. I do not know the lady. I have never seen her.

But you see the affect of the visions, look it here. See? It just seems like I'm passing out. See? You're going into another world, down with other people. It's another dimension. Daniel, the prophet, saw one vision and was troubled at his head for many days.

I'm sure you can appreciate this. And that audience just drawing like one great magnet. What is it? It's not from me. It's the Holy Spirit here. He sent me.

Not--not by my own self. It's Christ. He's here to show you that He's raised from the dead. It's not me; He's right there with you too. See? He's with us all. You just believe it with all your heart, and He will heal you. For you get what you ask for. If thou canst believe. But you must believe.

SC-91 Now, here's a total stranger. But the lady is a Christian. And the lady, being a Christian, she's very conscious that something's going on, because it's the moving of the Holy Spirit.

It was hanging over this lady setting right here. It's moved back to the woman here now. Some connection somewhere; I don't know.

But the woman is--is here because that she's extremely nervous. And she's suffering with a--a trouble in her neck, and it effects the shoulder, and in the back. And I see a surgery, an operation. But it was some time ago, long time ago. And this is the effects of that surgery that's causing these conditions. That's right. Do you believe now? You believe now with all your heart? The woman be the witness.

Now, you see, the more you talk to her, more would take place. But you see, we have to save a little strength for the audience. Just for this, let's talk to the woman just a moment. Would it make you believe more? Let me talk to her a moment if the Holy Spirit would show anything different. I don't know. I don't know what He's said to her. But ever what it was was truth. If it's truth, raise up your hand. It's truth. It's always truth. It can't be nothing else.

SC-92 Now, what your trouble was, I don't know. But if the Holy Ghost will show me something else, would you then believe with all your heart? May He grant it.

I'm just His servant, His prophet, or, maybe I ought not to have said that: minister.

You're not from this city. You've come from another city. Say, and you're a preacher. You've come; you have a independent church that you're preaching in, in a little place. Isn't that right? Well, lady, you return home. You're well. Jesus Christ makes you well.

A glorious Light come all around the woman. Go on your road, my sister, and rejoice and be happy for Jesus heals you. Amen.

Let us say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says "Praise the Lord."--Ed.] Give Him glory all ye people.

SC-93 Now, be reverent. Please, don't move. You're--you're--you're making it ten times worse on me. The... I'll go just in a few minutes if you'll promise to set still, just a moment or two. People are getting healed.

I know you have to hurry, and I guess maybe it's getting late. Yes. But the boys are watching me. That's what this man's standing here for, down here, my boy. He's watching me. He knows just how much farther I can go. Let's see if we can't speak, maybe the Holy Spirit to someone else and see what would take place.

SC-94 Sir, do you believe? Come here just a minute. Put your hand over on mine. Now, you setting there thinking this is mental telepathy, and I'm reading their mind, I'll show you that it's not.

I'm a stranger to you. Am I sir? I don't know you. But if God can reveal to me what is your trouble, you'll believe, won't you? Then go home and eat your dinner; the stomach trouble left you. Amen. Oh, have faith in God. Just believe with all your heart.

All right, would you come, lady? You believe? Can you? Do you believe? Then you won't need your operation. Your tumor will just go right on away from you. You can go on your road and rejoice and be made well.

Let's say, "Praise be to God." All right. Do you believe with all your heart?

SC-95 Sister, look here just a moment. The lady setting right here, looking right at me, right by that little girl. You're praying, aren't you, sister, 'cause you have female trouble that you want to get over. That is right. You prayed just a few minutes ago and said, "God, if you'll have him call me, I'll believe, and I'll be well." Isn't that right, sister?

You there with the gray coat on. You believe with all your heart now, setting here on the front row, and believe that you're... that Jesus Christ make you well? If you do, raise up your hand, and say, "I accept it." All right. You can go on your road and be made well now. Jesus healed you.

You're--you're the patient. I'm not beside myself, but I... it's... You understand. I don't know you. But I see you trying to get out of bed. It's a stiffening condition: arthritis. You believe that He makes you well? He does. Just go on your road rejoicing, and be thankful, and be happy. Amen.

Heart trouble's no more for God to heal than it is to take a drink of water. You believe that? Then go rejoicing, and be made well, through Jesus Name. Amen.

Do you believe? Just have faith. Have faith; believe. Don't...

SC-96 Now, just a moment. Something happened. I seen a lady moving. Oh, I see a dark shadow. It's hanging over a lady. She's setting there with her hand up, praying. It's up against her mouth. Cancer, cancer of the head, you're in a dying condition. That's right, lady.

That's your husband setting by you. You're not from this place. I see great big tall trees where you come from. It's evergreen trees, like pines. You're from a... You're from a... either Portland... No, you're from Washington, the state of Washington. Your husband's a minister of the Gospel. His name is Jiggers, or Jagger, or Jaggers, or something like that. I heard somebody say... I believe his initials is U.S. Yeager. Put your hand over on her brother, and may she be healed in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Hallelujah. Praise be to our God.

Say, while the Holy Ghost is there, person setting right next to her has trouble with her jaw. They're praying and believing God would heal them. The Lord bless you, my brother, and make you well.

SC-97 You setting there with the high blood pressure, you believe Jesus will make you well? Stand up on your feet. You also have a little funny feeling around your heart. It's gone. Jesus Christ heals you and makes you well. Do you believe?

Why, Jesus Christ can heal everybody in this aud--in the Presence right now. Do you believe it? He's here. He's raised from the dead. It must be my going time. Somebody's around me.

I ask you in Jesus Name to lay your hands over on each other, and believe with all your heart, while His Presence is here.

Go, your arthritis has left you, sister. Go on you road rejoicing. You was healed of that arthritis when you raised up there, setting in the chair. Stomp your feet up-and-down like this. See? There you are. Go on, you're all right now.

Put your hand on one another. In the Name of Jesus Christ, thou Satan, who's done evil to this audience. I condemn thee. Thou art a devil, and you're only deceiving the people. Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. He's alive today, and you're exposed. You aggravating animal, you'll be punished for this evil that you do to God's children. I adjure thee by the Name of the living God, the Lord Jesus Christ, His Son, that you come out of the people, and leave this very day; and every person in here will be made well, through Jesus Christ's name...?...

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