Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, And Today, And Forever

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I know the translation is "greater," but you get the original, and find out if it ain't "more." See? It's "more." You couldn't do anything greater in quality--quality, but more in quantity, because He'd be in His Church all over the world. See? He said, "More than this shall you do, for I go to My Father."

SC-54 Jesus didn't claim to be a Healer. He said, "It's not Me that doeth the works. It's My Father that dwelleth in Me. He doeth the works." Is that right?

Now, He passed through a place called Bethesda, a few days after that woman touched His garment and was healed. He passed through the pool of Bethesda. Now, this, on this last remark. Listen close, on this last remark.

When Jesus passed through the pool of Bethesda, the Bible said in Saint John 5... We'll quote from there just a minute, leave Luke now, and come back over to John, Saint John 5.

When He passed through this great pool, there were many people laid. Impotent people were laying there, 'cause God sent an Angel down, not just once a night, but maybe once every two or three months. A certain season an Angel come down and troubled the water.

You live here all close to the ocean. You know what troubled water is: current going one way, and the waves blowing it back another. It's a dangerous water, troubled.

And great multitudes, not a multitude, but multitudes; thousands... Great multitudes of impotent folk laid in this--this place.

Now, watch what kind of people there were: lame, blind, halt, and withered, waiting for the moving of the water. For the first one stepped in after the Angel troubled the water, was healed of whatsoever affliction he had, if he had faith. You get it?

SC-55 Now, Jesus... Do you believe He had compassion? Now, I want to just get you caught in a little trap here, so be careful. See? Jesus was full of love. And He was full of virtue. Do you believe it? But He only had virtue to those who believed He had it.

The woman who touched His garment got healed, but the Roman who spit in His face felt no virtue, or hit Him in the head with a stick. Had a rag wrapped around His face and hit Him on the head with stick, said, "Now, if you're a prophesier, tell us who hit You." He didn't feel no virtue. But the woman who believed it, she felt virtue, because she approached God in the right provided way. That's the way you've got to come too. You've got to come by Jesus Christ.

And laying there in this great multitude of people, Jesus the Son of God, full of love, full of compassion, full of power, moved down among those great multitudes of lame, halt, withered, blind, waiting for the moving of the water, and didn't touch one of them.

Now, if He's full of love, if He's full of power, if He's full of compassion, why didn't He exercise it then?

SC-56 Here, let's--let's dramatize it just a moment. Here's a mother with a water head baby saying, "Oh, please sir, let somebody help me to get my baby in first when the Angel comes."

Theologians, in history, tells us that they stabbed one another trying to get in the pool first. And here comes Emmanuel, garments full of virtue, walking among the people. Here stood an old daddy with arthritis, blind, saying, "Somebody please help me to get in." And Jesus passed right by him: full of love, full of virtue, full of power.

SC-57 Here stands a man, lame. Here stands another one withered, arms withered down. He'd healed withered arms. Withered, laying down... Jesus, full of love, full of compassion, full of power, full of virtue, passed right by and never said a word, wound His way right over until He found a man laying on a pallet (We call it in the south, bunch of quilts laying on the ground.) who had a trouble. He wasn't lame; he wasn't blind; he wasn't withered; he wasn't crippled up. He could walk. He said, "Will thou be made whole?" Never talked to them back there, He come down to this man, said, "Will thou be made whole?"

He said, "Sir, I have no one to put me in the pool. For when I'm a coming, I am coming down..." Somebody out runs him. "Somebody gets in ahead of me."

He had a disease, not affliction. He had a disease he'd had for thirty-eight years. Well, let's say it was TB, prostate trouble. It was retarded. It wasn't going to kill him. He'd had it thirty-eight years. And he said, "When I'm coming down, someone steps ahead of me."

Jesus said, "Pick up thy bed and go into thy house."

He never questioned again. He picked up his bed, put it on his shoulder, went walking on.

SC-58 Why did Jesus, full of love... Jesus walked right away from that thousands of people laying there, withered, blind, halt. Not like it is here this afternoon, but the whole crowd was messed up with that: Lame, blind, withered, crying, waiting... And somebody blind, "Is the Angel on the pool yet? Oh, I've waited for days, it's weeks, I've set here. My people's going to take me back, and I won't be healed." And here comes the Lord Jesus, walking right by him, bypassing him, went right on around. Strange, isn't it? But you don't know what compassion is. You only know it from a human stand point.

SC-59 Like I was preaching the other night on love. There's two different kinds; Agapao and phileo. Agapao love is above; phileo love is of the earth. And they're contrary one to the other.

And so is compassion. We'll take it up later on in the week, those things, what it is. But you... Human compassion and compassion of God is so contrary. We feel--we feel so horribly bad for different people who are afflicted, and who are sick, and who are having troubles. And sometimes we don't understand what we're feeling bad about.

Notice Him coming by this pool. Could you imagine your Saviour walking by this pool? Now, there's got to be an answer for that. The Bible doesn't mince words. There's got to be an answer for it.

SC-60 And if this is the Man that's introducing the faith to the world, let's find out what He done about it, and what He said about it.

The Jews found this Man. Go ahead, you... tonight, or when you go home this afternoon, 'fore going to church tonight read Saint John 5, the whole chapter. And the Jews found him packing his bed on the Sabbath, which broke their traditions, their little church affairs. And--and they...

Jesus was questioned. He'd be questioned right here in the San Fernando valley this afternoon, if He done the same thing, by the people who doesn't understand what real spiritual things are. He'd be questioned in Los Angeles. He'd be questioned in Washington, DC, or New York City. "If He is a Healer, let me see Him heal this one. Let me see Him heal that one."

If it was that way this--in them days... In this day rather; that same Spirit come from there. God never takes His Spirit; He just takes His men. The devil never takes his spirit. He takes his men.

Elijah was taken; a double portion come upon Elisha, then come out on John the Baptist, and predicted to come again the last days. See?

SC-61 God don't take His Spirit; He just takes His men. And the Spirit's on another man. The... Jesus is here with the Spirit of God on Him, and is come upon every one of you that's been born of the Holy Ghost.

And the devil, doubter was upon ecclesiastical clergymen in them days. And it's the same thing today. "If You be, do this. Let me see this happen. Perform a miracle." It come from the devil without understanding, spiritual understanding of the Scriptures. That's what makes them think that.

And then, 'course we have a bunch of fanatics go out and carry on a bunch of stuff which agitates it. But that doesn't take the real true Gospel away. To me it makes it shine. Yes.

Here He come, right through that crowd. No doubt Simon, and all the rest of them, of the Pharisees, they'd say, "Look at Him. Ah, full of virtue, passing by and leave all of them."

SC-62 Watch Saint John 5:19. Jesus gives the answer. For to hold time, or not take up so much time, we'll start right now. Jesus said this in Saint John 5:19. Here's the question. When they questioned Him about it...

He said, "Verily, Verily..." You know what that means? "Absolutely, Absolutely." "Verily, Verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing: that doeth the Son likewise."

Did anybody ever read that before? Let's see your hands. Why, just look at them hands. Did Jesus say it? Then Jesus told the truth. And He said, "I don't do one thing until the Father shows Me by vision, what to do. Verily, Verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing: that doeth the Son likewise." Is that right?

And when He was here on earth, before He left, He said, "A little while and the world will see Me no more, yet ye shall see Me." Is that right? "Ye shall see Me, for I (Personal pronoun, like I said the other night) will be with you to the end of the world. And the things that I do..." Saint John 14:7. "The things that I do shall you do also. Even more than this, for I go to My Father. I go away, and I come again. And I'll be with you, even in you to the end of the world." Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, the same yesterday, today, and forever. Amen.

Now, He introduced that faith to the saints. "The very things that I do, shall you also."

SC-63 Now, quickly, as we close. I think Peter expressed it good in Acts 2, where he said, "Ye men of Israel, you should've known these things. Jesus of Nazareth, a Man approved of God among you by signs, and wonders, and miracles, which God did by Him in the midst of you all, and you're a witness of it..." Is that right?

Now, if.. Then I think Nicodemus expressed it good for the orthodox church. Listen to this. Nicodemus come to Him by night. The cultured coming to a Man without a diploma. A man with all kinds of degrees in church life, come to a Man that never had any degrees in church life. It was the aged coming to the youth, aristocrat coming to a Pauper, Who didn't have a place to lay His head.

And listen to his expression from the... He bore record of what the church really thought of Him, but couldn't accept it. Said, "Rabbi (or Teacher), we know that You are a Teacher come from God. We know it. We Jews, Pharisees, we know it. For no man could do the works that You do, except God be with him."

And what kind of works did He do? Nothing but what the Father showed Him. Is that true?

SC-64 I want to ask you something. Them what was introduced to the church, the apostles down through the age... look at Peter on the housetop, the vision to go to the house of Cornelius. Look at little old Paul out there, Peter also, in the jail. Going to cut off his head the next morning, the executors was. And a Angel came in, a Light of fire came in, and led him out.

Paul, in a little old ship, waterlogged, fourteen days and nights with no hope of ever being saved; moon and stars had failed to shine. He went down into the bulkhead of the ship, somewhere. It was waterlogged, about ready to go. Listen. And in prayer... Here he come running out all at once, shaking his hands; this little hooked-nosed Jew, saying, "Brethren, be of a good cheer."

"What's happened? What happened?"

"For the Angel of God, Whose servant I am, stood by me last night, saying,'Paul Don't you fear. You must be brought before Caesar. And lo, God gives all these that sail with you; they're given unto you. The ship's going be wrecked--wrecked upon a certain island.'"

SC-65 He'd saw a vision. And he said, "Wherefore brethren, I believe God, that it will be just as He showed me. It'll be that way."

That was the faith that was introduced to the saints. It's the same faith that I am contending for today, that Jesus Christ has raised from the dead and is a living among us today. Amen. If He has risen from the dead, He's obligated to introduce Himself. He's obligated to perform the same things that He did.

When I stood at Bombay, India, about a little over a year ago... When seventeen different monarchs of their country there, the different religions, set around on silk pillows, and five hundred thousand jamming the streets...

And I said, "Gentlemen, today you with a plaster over your mouth, keep from swallowing a fly, or gnat; think it might be your mother coming back: reincarnation... Many of you worshipping cows and animals and so forth, and the sun, the moon, the creature instead of the Creator..." I said, "I declare to you that God raised up His Son Christ Jesus from the dead." And I said, "Sure, you couldn't accept a blood sacrifice if you can't--won't even kill a gnat." Certainly.

SC-66 And oh, how superstition. And them coming to the platform; couldn't even speak their own language. But the Holy Spirit would tell them who they were and where they come from, and about their diseases, and what they had done, and what--what church they went to, what kind of religion they had. They set and wondered.

After a while, came along a blind man, totally blind, one that went through. God never showed nothing about him, just told him what was his trouble. And the next one come through... Remember, you can't do it. It has to be God.

SC-67 The next one come through was a man about, maybe younger than I. And it told him that he was a worshipper of the sun. His eyes was white as my shirt.

The mayor of Bombay, and men, the celebrities... I had a airplane ticket in my hand, to be interviewed by the president of India and the Prime Minister Nehru, which was going this fall... He'd promised a million people to meet at Delhi. And then I couldn't get in and out of the place, hardly.

And here this blind man was standing here. I said, "Now, I cannot help the man. There's nothing I can do. But if Jesus, the resurrected Christ, has rose from the dead, then He knows the man. He knows all about him. He can tell me," I said, "like He has these other people. But you're setting out there with a question in your mind. 'Am I reading the people's minds? Is it mental telepathy?'"

I said, "That's the same devil they had in the beginning. I can't expect... If it wasn't that way, I'd be scared myself." You got to have opposition, then you know you're on the battle front.

Then when the man come there, I looked, and by the grace of God, there come a vision over him of the man seeing. Then I put a challenge to them, when I'd seen the vision. I knowed he was going see then. God done said so.

I said, "Gentlemen of the religions of this world..." Not my brethren. They're not. I said, "Here's a man. The Holy Spirit has told him he was a married man, had children, and where he come from, how he made his living, everything, and told him he was a worshipper of the sun. He's been blind for twenty years." I said, "Is there doctor would like to examine him?"

SC-68 Don't make any difference. God's done said so. The Father has done spoke and it's got to be done. Watch it in the meetings. All heavens and earth will change, but it'll never change. That's right. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. It ain't nonsense. It ain't tomfoolery. It's the Bible made manifest.

And the man stood there. I said, "Now, do you, who claim to be... You said today that your bible started before Genesis, and your prophets was before Moses, and so forth. Now, I... If this is a human..." And I said, "He's a man, and you'll say he's done wrong by worshipping the sun. You want him to come over and worship a cow, or do some other religion, worship Buddha, or Mohammedan, or something on that order." I said, "We got the same thing in America. It's nothing in the world but human psychology."

SC-69 I said, "The Methodists wants to make all the Baptists Methodists. The Baptists wants to make all the Methodists Baptists. The Pentecostals wants all the Nazarenes and Pilgrim Holiness to be Pentecost, and vice versa. And Catholics wants to make them all Protestants, and Protestants, vice versa. That's the way it is. It's psychology. What does it do for you? Changes your thinking."

I said, "We can produce that. We got it all through America, only thank God, one God." But I said, "Now, If God is a God of the living, if God is a God of the Creator, surely if the man's been ignorantly wrong, he's looked at the sun till he's gone blind, surely the Creator can do something for him if he will get straightened out right."

SC-70 I said, "Now, I challenge you to come forward to the platform and produce something." And everybody was very quiet. Sure. I said, "But let it be known; neither can I. I'm just a man. But I saw a vision. I saw a vision of the man. He's going to receive his sight."

I said, "I wouldn't nothing say that at all. Why didn't I say it to the other blind people that passed by? Or... I said, "Because it wasn't God. God didn't tell me nothing. Only thing I could do was just what He told me. He told me what they was, and what they should do, and all like that, but He never said nothing about it. But now He showed me this man's going to receive his sight."

I said, "If this blind man will receive his sight, how many of you will accept Jesus as your personal Saviour, and forsake all your idols and everything else?" As far as I could see for, looked like, well, far as the flood lights would reach, them little black hands reaching up.

And I took the man over there, and said, "Dear Lord Jesus, Thou knowest..." They won't interpret your prayer, of course not. So I said, "I--I know that it's helpless. And I know that Your Word can't fail. This is Your Word first, of course. Only this would be secondarily. But You haven't said individually to this man, but You've said it through Your Word now by a vision. And Your same Holy Spirit that said, 'I do nothing except the Father shows Me...' And You're raised from the dead, and You're here."

SC-71 And I said, "I pray Thee for the glory of God, that the people might know that they're in wrong and in darkness, that You'll give this blind man his sight in the Name of the Lord Jesus."

I took my hands down, and he let out a scream and grabbed me around the waist. He could see as good as you can, anybody that's in here can see. He run over the platform. He grabbed the mayor, I got his ticket right here in my pocket of--of Bombay, of Boham... or was... I believe he was a Mohammedan? Yes. And grabbed him, and begin to hug him; and people screaming.

That's the last night I could have service. They pulled my shoes off. They tore my coat off. Why, legions of soldiers trying to get me back to the...?... Hotel, down there, trying to get out. What was it? It's Jesus, raised from the dead.

I never had one thing to do with it. The man's faith... I asked him; I said, "If Jesus Christ will restore your sight, would you promise to forsake your sun god, and all other gods, and to live for Him?"

He said, "I'll serve no other God but Jesus Christ if He will give me my sight." And God made him perfectly whole. And he's testified before the President, and everything, around India, which will be a stir.

SC-72 America, you're behind time. They're the one's got the revival over there. Amen. God bless you. I...

Man had nothing to do with it. Wasn't no oil come or no nothing else. It was faith that come by hearing, and hearing by the Word.

Our heavenly Father, as we bow our heads humbly in Thy Presence, as we speak of Thee, before a lovely attendance like this, people hungry-hearted... They love You Lord. We all love You. We may get out of the way once in a while, and get a little rude, maybe. I don't know people's lives. Thou knowest all of us. But we pray You forgive us, Lord.

And with all my heart I believe that You've raised from the dead. I know You have Lord. And You said, "These same things that I did, so shall you do."

Now, Father, that this valley here might be without an excuse at the day of judgment, I pray that You'll come this afternoon, knowing, helpless here as a servant... But... And if I've been a little out of the way, You forgive me. If I've made a mistake, forgive me, Lord. For I realize what lays just ahead.

And I pray Thee to be merciful to everyone. And Father, may they all believe in Your resurrection today, and accept the lovely Lord Jesus, Who's here as their personal Saviour. And may every person in Divine Presence be healed today. For I ask it in Jesus Name, and for His glory. Amen.

SC-73 Now, I'm going to ask you, for a few moments now, maybe for twenty, thirty minutes... My ministry doesn't consist of touching everybody. You could touch me, or me touch you; have nothing to do with it. It's you touch Him.

Now, how many believes He's raised from the dead, let's see your hands? Thank you. And do you believe if He's raised from the dead, that He's the same today that He was yesterday, and will be forever? Raise your hands if you believe it. I believe it with all my heart.

Now, there's people holding prayer cards here in the audience. I'll... I believe we'll just start. Who has prayer card number 1? Raise up your hand. Prayer card number 2, raise up your hand. Number 3 raise up your hand; 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Let's line up the first ten here just a minute and see how we come along.

SC-74 And now, while their... [] In telling the person different things, that has nothing to do with their healing, that's rising their... But when you here it say THUS SAITH THE LORD, watch that and mark that down. That's what He's already done. Otherwise, He could tell you something, if He wished to, but something to raise your faith up to make it believe, that's all.

Now, I believe this woman here is the first one in the line. Are you? Is this the patient? All right. Would you come, lady.

Now, everybody real still. And keep your children near you. Just keep your children real near you on account of evil things.

Don't think I'm a fanatic. I'm not, friends. I'm very... If I am, God knows I don't know nothing about it. But I'm trying to be your brother in Jesus Christ. And I believe the Bible backs it up.

SC-75 Now, a man can say anything he wants to. That doesn't make it right. But when God comes around and says, "That's right," you'll be sinning by disbelieving.

Now, I think they're going to change the mike right now from here to here. I don't know whether it'll work. And you watch it because this is another world; it's another dimension to you scientists.

I don't know this woman. Never seen her in my life. I don't know what she's here for; she knows that. But God does. And He knows what every one of you are here for. And you don't to have to have a prayer card to be here. You just believe out there where you are, without a prayer card, and see if the Holy Spirit don't do just exactly like He did when He was here on earth through our Lord Jesus; 'cause it's Him.

SC-76 I... Let's just hum, just a moment, if you will, "Only Believe." Will you do it brother?

Only believe, only believe,

All things are possible, only believe;

Only believe...

Jesus coming down one morning, a man brought a boy that was seriously vexed. He said, "Can you help him?"

He said, "If you can believe. All things are possible to them that believe."

Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, I ask for total reverence. And watch everything that's said. In the Name of the Lord Jesus obey what He says do.

Now, lady, come forward. Is there... There, that's all right. You and I being a stranger to each other, not knowing each other... But it's the same case, just like when our Lord was here. There was a woman and a Man in the case. Is that right? And our... Us being strangers to each other, you and I, never meeting each other before...

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