Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, And Today, And Forever

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Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday,

And Today, And Forever
Tent Meeting


SC-1 Leo, Gene, where you at? Be sure to keep that tape. When I'm dying, if they'll sing that, why, it'll be all right. I can just pass over all right. Oh, my.

The song, I know the author real well, the poet, rather. A good friend of mine wrote that out in a corn field; so poor that he had pasteboard in the bottom of his shoes, Brother Booth-Clibborn. And I--I... He's a bosom friend of mine.

SC-2 And I just... Every time I hear it... And--and today that when they're trying to make Jesus just a prophet, that really expresses that He was Deity. And I--I love that, don't you? Certainly. He was more than a prophet. He was the Son of God. That's Who He was.

So we're so thankful for great men, poets. And I'm just thinking, when it's all over, when we meet them all, won't that be a wonderful time?

SC-3 So happy to be in this afternoon, to start our healing services, or I mean prayer for the sick, rather. And I am trusting to God, that there will not be a feeble person in our midst when the service is over. May God of heaven grant it, is my prayer.

And I've seen it happen so many times, that our Lord Jesus completely healed every person at one time. I see them where they just stack up the cots, and the crutches, and the wheelchairs, and take trucks and haul them off, and everybody go away well. If they can just get in the right attitude.

And that's why we've has these last four nights for instruction service, and preaching the Gospel, trying to find favor with our Lord.

SC-4 Now, coming here to Los Angeles, I think this is part of it. It stretches out so far; I get around these hills and they say "You're still in Los Angeles."

So I--I almost shudder to start to preach on Divine healing, not because of the Message, but because that how it's been mistreated, the Message of Divine healing. And you--you find that, of course, with the--all phases of all walks of life. They--they have a pro and con. And we have a... There never was a--a bogus dollar in the world, unless there was a real one for it to be made off of. You see? So it should only make a real dollar look better when there's a bogus dollar.

Now, I suppose that in our little audience this afternoon there's Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterian, Catholic, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Church of God, oh, all different denominations is really what it's made up with. And that's the way it'll be in heaven.

SC-5 And I--I want to say this little remark here, that, so that I can express and not be personal to anyone, or any denomination, or phase. But speaking of Divine healing when you come here to Los Angeles, especially... I remember when I first come. Very noted man here in Los Angeles, a very outstanding minister of the denominational church that I was from, the Baptist church, I was talking to him by phone. He said, "Brother Branham, don't talk about Divine healing in Los Angeles." That's was eight years ago.

I said, "Why so, sir?"

And He said, "Well," said, "you just don't realize what you're getting into." He said, "Everything's a healer in Los Angeles." He said, "It's just hanging out on every sign and everywhere." And said, "Some of the awfullest things you ever heard, called Divine healing."

"Well," I said, "that may be so, my brother, and I appreciate your sincerity, but yet there's a message of Divine healing is the truth." See? That's right.

SC-6 And now--now, I want to make this real clear, so everybody will thoroughly understand, that I believe that Divine healing is nothing that any individual on this earth can do for you. I believe that it's--it's the--the effects of the atonement of the Blood of Jesus Christ at Calvary. That that's what...

I don't believe that any oil out of my hands would heal anybody. I don't believe it has anything to do with it. And I believe if I'd claim so, it would be absolutely antichrist, taking away from Christ. If there's any virtue in that oil from my hands, or anybody else's hands, or from anything else that come from me, it's taking away from Calvary, and it'd be anti, against Christ.

And I--I do not believe that there's any power in man to heal other men. I believe that the only thing that any man can do, rightfully... Now, of course, we have people that believe that they--such things. But I don't see how you Protestant people could condemn the Catholic on holy water then, if you could go for such as that. But... See? But where there's isms, remember, friends, it's only a sign of a real genuine healings of God. See?

SC-7 Now, I've had a lot of experience in my life, to be no older than I am. I have seen witch doctors in healing. I've seen psychic, mental work-ups. I've... And all together, and all of it called Divine healing.

Now, there's such a thing as being mentally worked up, or emotionally, and that doesn't mean healing at all. Healing is real when it comes directly from God by your individual faith; that's all.

Now, I believe that there's no one on the earth that could forgive you of your sins. Now, if you had sinned against me, and asked me to forgive me for what you've done against me; all right, I could forgive you that. But only God can forgive you your sins, that you sinned against God, and against the Bible, and against nature. And that's the same way by healing.

Now, so that you, by approaching this subject... And I haven't had too much time today to pray. I've just been taken across the country to a little private room where I'm to be the rest of the week in prayer for the healing services.

SC-8 But to you, my dear brother, ministers, I want you to thoroughly understand, that in approaching this subject of Divine healing, I lay it all to Calvary and the finished works of our Lord Jesus at Calvary. It's not any mental emotion, any work-up, any psychic. It's truly your faith in the finished work at Calvary.

I believe that all salvation... That every sinner was forgiven of his sins, when Jesus died at Calvary. Every creature that would ever be on the earth was thoroughly... His--his salvation was paid for when Jesus died at Calvary. Now, it'll never do him any good, until his own personal faith accepts that finished work.

And I believe that all the healing that was ever done, or would be done, was completed at Calvary. He was wounded for our transgressions; with His stripes we were, past tense, already healed at Calvary. Now, the only thing that I could do, or any other minister could do, would be to preach the Word, or do something in the way that would cause you to have faith in the finished works of the Lord Jesus at Calvary, that your faith has already purchased.

SC-9 Now, there is a Scripture in the Bible of--of how that antitype and antitypes... types and antitypes, pardon me, of Moses and the brass serpent. He lifted it up, the brass serpent prayed for no one. But the people looked at the foreshadow of our Lord Jesus, being the brass serpent on the pole, and were healed, every one of them, that looked and lived. And if they could be healed by looking at the type, what could you do with the antitype, and the Presence of the Holy Spirit? See?

It's... Divine healing is a part of the Gospel. And I believe Divine healing is a--is a attribute. Or, I beg your pardon. Divine healing is the earnest of our resurrection.

Now, we have the earnest of our salvation. We realize that now. That is the Holy Spirit. We have that as the earnest, which makes us willfully in our hearts, after we have received Christ in our hearts. We--we abstain from sin, separate ourselves from sin. Any person that's ever been borned again of the Spirit of God, I truly believe with all my heart, desires to separate from the things of the world. I believe that.

SC-10 And then I believe that that is... We have joy, such a joy comes over our hearts to know that we have passed from death unto Life, because we love the brethren. And our spirit bears record with God's Spirit that we're sons and daughters of God. And what a joy we have doing that. And that is the earnest of our complete victory when Jesus comes, that even death itself will flee.

Then I believe that in Divine healing is the earnest of our resurrection. In other words, it's the down payment, the proof of our resurrection. And without any hesitation, I say this with a Christian heart, Christian love towards all men; that I have seen some of the most outstanding things that I have ever heard or read about our Lord Jesus doing. I've seen three cases, distinctly, which was noted by doctor, of people that had been dead, sometime for hours, laid out, and is living today as a testimony.

Prayer changes things when you pray. Now, I believe in praying for the sick, but not healing the sick, and not giving them any virtue to be healed, or anything come from you that would heal the sick. I believe in praying for the sick.

SC-11 Now, I've seen cripples walk, blind, deaf, dumb, and you know how it goes. And I realize that I must stand in the Presence of God with every person here today and give an account for what I say. And I have to weigh my words, because the Lord has helped me, as a poor unworthy, educat--uneducated person. With not even a grammar school education, yet He's let me pray for kings, and potentates, and monarchs around the world.

SC-12 A few days ago, I was talking to my wife... Everyone knows my life story, how my father drank and everything. And it's not... Don't like to reflect that. It's my family. But it's the truth. You know, we have to be truthful about things.

And I remember not long... When I was a young man I'd go downtown, my little city. And it was well known around the country there, about what taken place. Someone would be talking to me; just because that someone else would come up, I'd be taken away. They... No one... Looked like it was kind of down.

SC-13 And I said to the wife the other day, which is... She's setting present now. I said, "Honey, think of it. Here it is. I have to go to the mountains to get a little time by myself." I said, "What did it where I used to not have a friend?" Not because anything I done, but reflection.

I said, "I used to not... No one seemed to love me. And now I've got millions of friends over the world." I said, "What did it, my education? I have none. What did it, my personality? I have none. My authority? I have none, but Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who saved me. It's through His grace that I have this."

And I've always loved people. And I want to help people. If I see a person down and out, and I could--I could pawn my coat... I'm not saying that for the... I'd be a hypocrite to make a remark like that and here from this platform, and not mean it from my heart, and knowing that, just in a few minutes I'll be facing evil spirits and everything. I'd be afraid to do it. But I--I--I love the Lord. And I love people. And I like to help people.

SC-14 And the only way that I can help you, is for you to believe me, that I'm telling the truth about Jesus Christ, the only way that help can come.

If I wouldn't be a minister, I'd want to be a doctor, or something like that, so I could help somebody, help do something.

I... A young man waited on us this morning, when I'd run out of gasoline. He's studying to be a doctor. And I told him who I was. I said, "Sir, if my boy wouldn't be a minister, I want him to be a doctor. I want my girls to be nurses or something."

You don't know the joy it is, not to help yourself, but to help others. You really have joy then when you can help somebody. And I--I know that you know what I'm talking about.

And now, and today, let it be known this, friend, that I am approaching Divine healing upon the basis of the shed Blood of the Lord Jesus, upon your and my faith together in what He did for us at Calvary. Everybody understand real well? Say, "Amen." That's...

SC-15 Now, remember, it's something. Now, many ministers, very good preachers... I'm not very much of a preacher. I'm always calling myself a spare tire. That's when you have a flat, you know, you use it. So, but, many... their...

God has placed in the Church some to be teachers, some evangelists, some prophets, and some gifts of healing. And--and all different kinds of gifts, God hath placed in the Church. Is that right? God hath placed in the Church. And remember that.

Now, every fellow knows his calling. Now, a... Many ministers... I have a little friend, a little Pentecostal brother was one of my converts to Divine healing, was Tommy Osborn. I don't know whether you ever knowed him or not: very lovely, fine brother. If he ever comes through this country, put your arms around him and hug him for me, for he's a really a wonderful little brother. And many are other my brothers too, all of them are. But I mean, just speaking of Tommy.

When he come to me, he was a little nervous-like fellow. He started... He run around his car two or three times, just after this Portland meeting up here; and he'd seen that maniac being taken down by the power of God. And he said, "Oh," he said, "Brother Branham, you think I got a gift of healing?"

I said, "Tommy, honey, don't think about that." See? I said, "You know you're a preacher."


I said, "You know what? You know, the Word of God will defeat Satan anywhere, any place, any time, on any conditions." That's right, the Word of God. That's right.

SC-16 I said, "When Jesus was here on earth, we know that He was Emmanuel." We all believe that. He wasn't just a prophet. He was God, manifested in flesh. And when He was here on earth, all the powers that the Father had given Him, everything that was in Him... He was Emmanuel, God in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself.

But when He met Satan, He never used any of His powers. He used the Word of God. He said... Satan said, "If Thou be the Son of God, I want You to perform a miracle here, so I can see You do it." See? That's still the attitude of Satan. "Let me see You do something. Make this man to walk. Make that..." See? See? "Let me see You perform a miracle and turn this stones into bread."

Jesus said, "It is written that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that cometh out of the mouth of God."

SC-17 So than he took Him up on the pinnacle of the temple. And he could quote Scripture too: coat Scripture, rather, coat. There's a difference between coat and quote.

So he said, "It is written, He'd give the Angels charge over Thee, lest any time dash foot against stone, bear Thee up. Just jump off this temple. Just before You get right at the bottom, why, the Angels will bear Thee up." And He said... rebuked him again with the Word.

He took Him up on the mountain, set Him down. And He rebuked him again with the Word. Defeated Satan with the Word of God, showing that the weakest of Christian can defeat Satan with THUS SAITH THE LORD. It is written. It is written.

SC-18 Remember that, friend. Keep... Now, brothers may pass through with healing ministries, which is wonderful. I thank God for every one of them. But... They may pass through, but don't depend on that brother, for he will soon be out of the country.

He may be a great person of faith, and he might be able to help you to believe. But one day, He will leave. But you just put your faith in the Word and believe that it's God's Word, and you can beat Satan anywhere any time. If there isn't a preacher in a thousand miles of you, you can still whip Satan around, on--on the Word of God.

So everything that we try to do, it must come from the Word or it's not right to me. See? It must come. This is the foundational Truth of God.

SC-19 And if you ever know or hear of me preaching anything that's not backed up with this Bible, then you call my attention to it. Because I--I wouldn't want to do it. Just write me a little letter, and tell me about it, or tell some of the ushers that you--you'd like to show me where that I would be wrong. And my dear brother, I'll sure be humble. If I'm wrong, I don't want to be wrong.

But knowing, after it'd been examined for year after year, and every nation under different... Every--every fire pot of hell has turned loose on it. And every time, God comes out victorious, and wins, and causes thousands to come to Christ.

Now, we can't speak everything I'd like to tell you on Divine healing in one little afternoon and have a healing service. But I want to read some of God's Word, and then explain what I believe of God's Word to you. And then we'll call a prayer line.

And each day we give out prayer cards in order to keep the people lined up and to come into the line. We call anywhere along the lines, where we'd give out cards. We might not just regular routine; we might call just anywhere and bring some people up to pray for them.

SC-20 And then it's never necessary for you to be on this platform to be healed. Where one is being healed on the platform, there's a hundred healed out there. So if you'll just remember this one thing, that it's your faith in Jesus Christ to believe it and accept it. Then you watch what God will do for you. You'll be healed right there.

SC-21 Yesterday at the Chri... Full Gospel Business Men's Breakfast... I was at the other Business Men's breakfast down here in Glendale the other morning. And then at the Full Gospel Business Men, a bunch of the women and so forth were there.

And I tell you, it would make my heart jump. When I walked in there, they started clapping their hands and crying. And I--I felt unworthy of that. But just, you know, just... It makes you feel good when people love you. Don't--don't you believe that?

One time I walked out of a platform in the church, and--and some brothers was standing at the door, said, "Brother Branham, we sure appreciated that message."

SC-22 And there was another brother standing outside. He said, "I wouldn't let people say that about me." He said, "I wouldn't... I don't want nobody bragging on me."

I said, "Well, I do." I said, "I believe there's only one difference between you and I; I'm honest about it." And then I... I think, I try to... I want to know that I'm doing the best that I can do anyhow.

And to you see those dear people... And going out almost pulled my coat and shoes off to get out. Just the people wanting to shake your hand. It's down, way down in South Gate there, where I've had services among the people.

I realize that you all are strangers to me here. But I hope that when the services is all finished that we'll love... I know we will love one another just as they do down there anywhere.

SC-23 Shall we pray just a moment now. Our heavenly Father, we flee to Thee today with all the faith that we have in our hearts, to ask You if You will tenderly and kindly take each individual apart as they're sitting here, and reveal to them Thy great plan of Divine healing for their body. They have been so wonderful this past week, responding to the Gospel and coming, sinners weeping at the altar, and people with broken up homes, and so forth, coming back to You. We pray, God, that You'll keep every one of them in perfect peace now. May homes be reunited, and--and the people who sin, cease to sin, and start loving and believing You.

And now, Father, the--this coming week, we pray that You'll heal every sick person that enters under the--or on the canopies of this ground. May every seat become anointed with the Holy Spirit. May Angels of God just hover over, as it was, the audience, day after day, and night after night until there will not be a sick or feeble person in our midst.

Now, if I fail, Lord, I don't mean to. And I pray that You'll help me. And help me to pray a prayer of faith for the sick and needy. And help me to explain Thy Word in such a way that the people would believe on Thy beloved Son and be healed and saved. For we ask it in Jesus Name. Amen.

SC-24 Now, in this afternoon's service I just wish to talk a little while, 'cause I want you to go back to your churches tonight and have a good service, each one of you. God, rest upon my brethren everywhere and give great services tonight everywhere.

Now, in the Word... I want to read from Jude the 1st, or 3rd verse, rather, of the Book of Jude, just a little approach. And I... My text will be from Hebrews 13:8.

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, to day, and forever.

And over here we read Jude speaking:

Beloved... I give all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and to exhort you that you should earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints.

May the Lord add His blessings to His Word.

Now, if you'll give me your attention for a few a moments, and be prayerfully for me as I try to speak what's on my heart of the Word of God...

SC-25 Now, this is the only Scripture in the Bible that I know of, that we are commanded to contend. We're to keep contentions from us. But here we are to contend for the faith that was once delivered unto the saints. Now, every one of us want to believe that, that our church contends for that faith.

The Methodists, they want to believe that. "Our church contends for the faith." The Baptists, "We believe that." The Catholic, and the Pentecostal, and everyone, wants to think, "Our... Why, our church contends for that faith that was once delivered unto the saints." And I believe we do. I really do.

SC-26 But now, in order to preach Divine healing and to make sure that we're right... Now, to me denominations has become a very little thing. I respect every one of them.

But out on the battlefield, where I've just returned from, over in the heathen lands, where here... Recently I was entertained by seventeen different religions in one afternoon, seventeen different religions that denied there was a Jesus Christ. When we have two-thirds of the world that never heard about Him, what are we to do to sit here and fuss whether we're Pent--Pentecostal, or Nazarene, or Pilgrim Holiness. It's--it's sinful to do such, friend. It is.

And to think that two-thirds of the world has never heard the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. And out there on that field, you never notice whether you're Baptist, or Pentecostal, or Presbyterian. The one thing is get them from heathenism to believe on the Lord. That's--that's...

And here at home then, course we ain't got no more to do then just contend, and fuss, and carry on among ourselves.

SC-27 But someday that'll stop when communism gets a little sweep in here. You'll be glad to meet your brother, regardless of whether he's Methodist, or Baptist, or whatever he is. You'll be glad to meet him. That's right. It's a shame God has to do it that way, but... Well, I guess if we won't so it His way, then He has to force us to do it. And so, it'll be someday that way. So while it's the day and light, let's consider the thing we're speaking of.

Now, I truly believe with all my heart, that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Now, if that be so...

SC-28 I'm going to tell you a little story that was told me just before I approach this. And I won't take long.

But there was a wonderful organization in this world. It's a... I don't like to call any of it... Well, I will, because the brother; he told me I could. It was Dr. Reedhead, the President of the Sudan Missions, the biggest in the world.

He come to my house here sometime ago. And he said to me... And he may be setting present right now, for all I know. It's a... He come to my house and he said, "Brother Branham, I want to ask you something." Said, "Surely, as a Baptist, you ought to know truth."

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