Jericho project job description

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Position: Program Director
Reports To: Director of Social Services
Location: 2013 Adam Clayton Powell Jr., Blvd

New York, NY 10027
Hours: 40 hours with some weekend coverage

The Director reports to the Director of Social Services and is responsible for the overall program, administrative and property management of the site. The Director ensures that the Agency’s mission is carried out; that the Agency’s policy and procedures are adhered to.

  • Provides leadership and supervision to all staff

  • Identifies systemic problems in program & administrative domains, guiding staff toward developing a plan of action that addresses the problem and documents the solution in the form of program policy.

  • Facilitate all clinical areas of the program

  • Monitor the intake of all new residents

  • Develop contacts with various agencies in order to refer clients as needed

  • Responsibilities also include performing assessment and evaluation of clients educational and vocational needs; researching, locating and evaluating community resources

  • Develop internal audit procedure in order to ensure that resident case files are in compliance with both agency policies and governmental regulations

  • Facilitate monthly community meetings, case conferences and staff meetings

  • Attend monthly community board meetings

  • Develops and manages the program budget

  • Will carry a caseload

Download 21 Kb.

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